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Feast of the Awakening

Moldatun's day of song, music and goodwill.

Together: Where we stand now, Our paths upon the ground March on, March on.   Chorus 1: In the darkness we slept, Algier you have wept. March on, March on.   Chorus 2: In the wilds where you dream, Where the Dragons they had seen. March on, March on.   Together: Here in Moldatun, We implore this ancient tune to March on, March on   Let our fate stand Here in this distant land March on, March on   Chorus 1: See our leaders at the head And know not where they are lead March on, March on   Chorus 2: Our Children, they go ahead, Taking new, the paths they're led. March onnn, March onnn   Together: Where we stand now, So our paths have lead. March on, March on.
— Hymn of Awakening
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  On the eve of the fifth month, The inhabitants of Moldatun celebrate the resettling of the city and the re-establishment of Renai.   On the eve of the fifth month, Renans in Moldatun gather out in the streets and sing the hymn of awakening. The Song is caught in a round, with people continuing the song from chorus to chorus throughout the entirety of the day. At the end of the day, massive feasts are provided in the temples and families are known to gather for a chorus of the final hymn as they share their time together.   Generally, this is a very happy time of the year. Only detracted from by people who complain about the singing and the breaking from their routine.  




— Yellow-Fin Curricula Notes

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  The Hymn of Awakening is one variant of the song, however, the verses are said to number in the countless with various wording to reflect current or personal issues. No solid compendium of verses exists for the Hymn of Awakening.

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