Council of the Mountains of Vhaskus

The Mountains of Vhaskus are ruled over by the Monarchs of the Dragon's Thorn ; Janetha and Dimi. These two ancient black dragons are somewhat opposites of the Draconic Duo of Brodray `Champion of Garma” and Pursir `Faithful of Firn”. They rule the Council of the Mountains of Vhaskus with ruthless wit and power as the methods of the desert council tend to focus majorly on extraplanar issues.   They also rule over the Dragon’s Thorn; a nation of warrior beasts and destructive creatures of great power. During the yearly floods of the Thorn, the bellowing calls of Dimi’s deep voice are said to be heard. Calling out to the countless creatures swarming away from the deadly boiling floods. “Light up the Forge!”   Janetha and Dimi are said to have the loosest power structure of the three Councils. With appointed members to keep most of the worst and deadliest creatures from making residence on the continent of Ithungsida. However, some fall through the cracks.


The Council of the Mountains of Vhaskus.   Ruled by Dimitris and Janet, ancient black dragons who hold their own court in the Dragon's Thorn.   Under Dimitris and Janet are: Verti, Eoin, Quilliron, 27 and Jonil   Verti: A mummy lord that rarely steps into the sunlight.
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