The Lavish Barrel

The Lavish Barrel is the only tavern of Nabak, Khamadian primary outpost on Celenia. It is ran by Barak G'gannas, the jovial innkeeper.

The structure


In spite of Nabak's meager size, Barak spared no expense building the Lavish Barrel. It is a large, two-story building with a stone base and white-plastered walls. The upper floor rests under the slanted, thatched roofing, giving some of the rooms a cozy feeling with that slanted ceiling.

First floor

The main room covers most of the bottom floor and is a large, rectangular room, dotted with round tables and chairs, with a row of rectangular tables on the right wall. Barak's kitchen lies to the left, at the back of the room, behind a polished, oaken disk, on which he serves food and beverages. Just behind this desk, on the left wall, is a small door leading to a small kitchen, where Barak spends most of his time making delicious stews, broths and even bakes bread. He brews his famous ale in the brewery, behind the kitchen. He also has an earthen basement, accessed from outside the tavern.

Second floor

The second floor is accessed from a stair inside the leftmost wall of the main hall. The stair forms the ceiling of Barak's small storage closet in his kitchen. The stairs leads to a small entry hall, giving access to the communal bath room as well as the sleeping quarters.

Barak offers two levels of lodgings; you can pay a small sum to sleep on the floor in the main hall at night, after the tavern has closed. The tables will be moved to the walls, providing a relatively large sleeping space on the wooden floor. You have to bring your own blankets.

Or you can rent one of his sleeping cots on the second floor. Each room holds four cots and you share the space with others who have rented a cot. There's a small storage space next to each cot, allowing travelers to store their private belongings. With four sleeping rooms, there is space for sixteen guests in Barak's tavern, not counting the floorspace of the hall. The rooms are significantly more expensive than sleeping in the main hall.

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Tavernkeep Barak G'gannas

Barak is a familiar, and beloved, face in all of Nabak. His tavern is the go-to place for weary workers, soldiers and travelers alike, offering great food, company and fantastic ale.

Barak is a large, jovial Illim man in the upper middle ages. He is tall and wide, looking like a typical baker, with a large, red beard and well kept, also red, locks on his head. He keeps his hair short and his beard long.

The jovial tavernkeep never seems to be down and always wears a large smile on his lips, welcomes every traveler with overwhelming hospitality and joy and makes sure his staff does the same.

No one quite knows Barak's life story, as is the case for many of the Nabak citizens. Everyone has their own reasons for coming to the foreign continent, trying to make a living in the squalid streets of the outpost. Barak himself claims to be driven by a will to make people happy. He lives to serve and turn a frown into a smile through food, drink, love or music.

Vyni and Siva

While Barak does most of the work himself, there are times when business is booming and he has no chance to do everything that needs to be done. Barak employs two young vindral girls, Vyni and Siva, who help him with more menial tasks such as cleaning, heating bathwater, getting wares and sometimes serving patrons when there's a lot of customers.

Vyni and Siva both clean and keep the sleeping quarters upstairs in order, while Vyni also takes care of the small stables outside. She is well versed in animal handling and can take good care of both horses and álfr, even though the latter are quite rare around Nabak.

The girls generally interact very little with the customers, instead focusing on their tasks at hand, although when the hall is full of drunk patrons that need to be served, both of them have surprisingly good social skills, especially for vindral.

Patrons have learned the hard way to treat the girls with respect, as anyone treating them improperly or trying to make an unwanted pass at them gets forcefully thrown out by Barak. The Lavish Barrel is a place for joy and happiness, including for the staff. There is no place for scum here.


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23 Mar, 2022 13:00

Great tavern! I love the two types of sleeping arrangements and utilizing the entire space as best as possible. Does it happen often that Barak has to throw people out because of misbehaviour?   Keep up the good work! :D

It's always an adventure at Juniper's Damned Alehouse, where even the chairs are trying to pick you up.
23 Mar, 2022 13:02

Not so often anymore, and it wasn't really often before he laid down the rules. Khamadians are part of the Morvátian culture, and they generally have pretty decent ideas about consent and privacy.

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23 Mar, 2022 20:03

When I see someone in the service industry that's always smiling, I'm assuming they're on some good drugs. More power to them. And I greatly appreciate him intervening when his staff is harassed.   Nice touch with the 'cheap sleep in main hall, or more expensive shared rooms' bit!

23 Mar, 2022 20:24

The lodging is actually historically accurate. The vast majority of inns and hostels just had you sleep in the main hall, on the floor. Very, very, very seldomly could you find a place that had rooms and beds, and even then you shared the room with someone and likely even shared beds.   Wanna sleep alone? Be a noble and visit the local lord.

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28 Mar, 2022 03:09

A great tavern you have here and very interesting, enjoy the sleeping arrangements you have which i wonder if rivals have ever booked a room together what would happen. But yeah a great article!

28 Mar, 2022 09:53

This was an easy read with a decent amount of detail. I could easily picture the building and its layout with the descriptions. I too, like the detail of the two sleeping arrangements. Are the boxes next to the cots lockable? Or do people just hope others keep to themselves? Barak sounds like a nice man and it's good to see him look out for his staff.

28 Mar, 2022 10:00

In a culture where you can leasurely challenge anyone to a duel to the death on the slightest offense, theft is not that common, so no, the storage areas are little more than "empty corners" where you can pile your stuff.   Sure, thefts happen, but Khamadians are, in general, quite honest. Angry and confrontative, but honest. :)

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28 Mar, 2022 10:10

Ah, fair enough. Yeah I can see that, makes sense. c :

31 Mar, 2022 16:24

Great article Toblin as always. Everything looks fantastic especially loving the tavern floorplans. Good information about owner and staff. The layout of the entire article is awesome. A well deserved Like/Fave from me.   Aemon

31 Mar, 2022 21:33

Very nice. Especially after I was at one of the streams for the tavern map making (or was there only one?) I have to say that the map is great because it has the right dimensions and not too much open space and also looks harmonious. Oh, I wish so much that I had managed to make one, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time ^^". But as I said, it's a great map and also a nice, social tavern, if it even offers space for sleeping in the main hall. I also like that the two women are respected and there is no room for people who don't do that.   What I would have liked to see was a little more backstory and maybe a few examples of food, but it is coherent as it is.

Welt: Yenort
14 Apr, 2022 04:47

impressive 3D modelling!

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