Purple Gold

Purple gold, or Kek Sos'wa in Qaj, is a particular type of gold found only in the westernmost mountains of Næka. The purple gold glimmers in a mesmerising display of pink and purple, making it extremely valuable and sought after. It's sometimes referred to as Amethyst Gold.

Purple gold is mined almost exclusively in Khol-Chatal and is found in relative abundance in the mountains. Technically, Sarai has access to the same mountain range, but the boglands in the north makes passage and transport exceptionally difficult, and the rivers are too small to allow transport by water, preventing any significant mining be done.


Purple Gold Necklace

The purple gold is a result of significant aluminium pollution in the gold itself, formed in a gold-aluminium intermetallic. It contains between 70% and 80% pure gold, making it technically less valuable than pure gold, but the rarity and unique look of it drives the price sky high.

While pure red gold is malleable and soft, purple gold tends to be hard and brittle, making it possible to shatter jewelry made out of it.

Purple Gold Diamond Ring
Item type
Raw Material
Owning Organization
Nonexistent in the entire world, aside from the westernmost mountains of Næka, making it extremely valuable.
Base Price
Roughly 100-150 silver per plumb (13 grams).


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