Pu'hleght, better known as the "Outlands" or "that frozen hellhole", is a marshland in the northwestern Morvátian Peninsula. The winters here are harsh and it is most known for being smelly, cold, lethal and packed with mönkh mand who eat everything that dare trespass upon their territories. To make matters worse, the dru'un tribes frequently roam the area, coming from their mountainhomes to raid the plainspeople.


The Outlands are inhospitable in almost every way. The boglands make it hard to traverse because you risk drowning in the wet and loose grounds. It lies close to the Frigid North, which means that cold winds sweep down from the Næka Mountains, making the lands cold and partly frozen even in summer. In winter, it is a stormy, windy and cold area with plenty of opportunity to accidentally step through the ice and drown.

Most settlements are placed far from the worst marshlands in the south of Pu'hleght, where the lands is fertile and generally warmer. There are settlements closer to the north where people try to mine kek sos'wa from the mountains to sell in the south. These people live harsh lives, constantly threatened by the climate, wildlife and the dru'un tribes.


There are few places in the world less pleasant than Pu'hleght. In winter it is covered with snow, and with barely any vegetation larger than a few shrubberies, the wind is going to whip you and steal all your heat. Freezing to death is not all unheard of in the Outlands. Worse yet, the boglands freeze and snow over in winter which means that you might be walking out on water without even knowing about it. Suddenly, you step through the ice and sink in freezing marshlands.

Things don't get much better in summer. Instead of snow and ice you get violent thunderstorms and the constant smell of methane. Plus the land becomes hard to traverse due to the boggy grounds, forcing you to take large detours to circumvent the worst of the marshlands.

Settlements of note

The capital of Sarai, Kamapu', lies at the southern border of the Outlands and is a signficant trade post for the people who brave the elements and live in the marshlands.

There are two other major settlements in or near the Outlands. The first is Jughol, which is a port city on the western coast of the Outlands. It serves as an important port for the entirety of Sarai, as the rivers are for the most untraversable, with the exception of Gowrangun.

The other is the mining town of Jolmekpu' on the northeastern border of the Outlands. This shantytown lies right by the foot of the Næka mountains and house prospectors and miners who seek to get rich from mining iron, copper and the purple gold from within the mountains.

Flora and Fauna

Being marshlands, Pu'hleght is mostly barren, covered only by small, lonely boskets of struggling trees. The rest of the ground house nothing but bogs, swamps and shrubberies. There are blenty of berry bushes, mushrooms and small trees strewn about, so surviving a few days is doable if you know what you can eat and not.

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As far as a fauna goes, they all seem to have had the same idea when they evolved in this area. They live primarily off of the blood of others. Millions of blood-sucking gnats and other insects litter the skies of Pu'hleght and the waters are teeming with leeches, eager for your blood.

The waters house plenty of different species of freshwater fish, reptiles and other amphibian species. There are also several water-hunting canines and bird species that roam the landscape. Some of these can be quite territorial and aggressive, posing a danger to travelers. But none are worse than the fearsome mönkh mand.

Mönkh Mand

Meaning "Shaggy Bear" in Urngut Tamgatai, these giant bear-like creatures roam the marshlands primarily in winter. During the summer they usually migrate back up the mountains to hunt. The mönkh mand poses the greatest threat to anyone living or traveling in Pu'hleght. They are fiercly aggressive and due to the scarcity of food, they are quite nomadic and have no qualms of hunting Kykr.

Natural Resources

The marshlands of Pu'hleght are excessively rich in peat, methane gas, several berry-species and mushrooms. These are the main exports that it provides to its king. However, in the far north, the mountains are rich in purple gold and have trace amounts of silver, iron and copper. This is a relatively small operation, however, because of the difficulty of transporting ore safely all the way through Pu'hleght. The rivers are too shallow and too narrow to allow for larger barges to travel them, forcing transport to be done on "land", as much land as there is in the stinking swamps.


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