I am Vek, son of Kodar, of the house of Kavok. You have dishonored my house. Raise your blade and prepare to defend yourself.
— Vek, when defending an accusation from house Roranok.

The Honorbound

The morvátian culture is a meta-culture. It's a collection of ethnicities and cultures that share a common ancestry and geography. They reside mainly in the Morvátian Peninsula in the west of Arjin.

Morvátian culture is built upon the teachings of Charos, the god of war and honor. As such, morvátians tend to be direct, aggressive and dominant but honorable, honest and brave. With the exception of when they think they can get away with being dishonorable or dishonest, of course.


Beauty Ideals

Strength and honor are the primary traits that are valued and appreciated in morvátian culture, and as such anyone who is either large and strong, or have a great reputation as a successful warlord will be a prime candidate for courting. This holds true for both sexes. A strong and athletic body, exceptional fighting skill or just a legendary reputation will get you very far in morvátian societies.

Gender Ideals

There is virtually no difference between genders in morvátian societies overall. Although this does vary heavily depending on country, with the Kingdom of Khol-Chatal being the most extreme with gender differences. Aside from Khol-Chatal, women and men are almost entirely equal in morvátian societies, but also generally fulfill differing duties.

Men are required to participate in wars, while women are not. Women, however, usually do anyway and are not barred from doing so. But their participation is voluntary, while males' are not.

Women are instead expected to stay home and defend the home and children from attack, forming a reliable and strong defence against pillaging.

Women are also the prime authority at home, usually being the one making the decisions regarding the home, and also deciding who gets to visit and when.

Courtship Ideals

Morvátian courtship is a complicated beast, drenched in tradition. There is no such thing as flirting, but instead one's intention is clearly stated by one's behaviour. If a man is interested in a woman, he will behave dominantly and aggressively in her presence and will attempt to challenge other males nearby, thus displaying his prowess.

If the woman approves, she may seek contact with the male and they may do whatever they please from there. Marriage is a formalization of the bond between partners and certain rules will apply to the marriage.

If a woman wants to court a man, she may simply seek him out and state her business. There is no need for the posturing and display of prowess if a woman wants to seek company of a man. She may simply ask for it. The man will value the woman according to morvátian ideals and choose to pursue or not.

Relationship Ideals

Morvátian relationships are highly structured and rather rules heavy. There's a complex set of rules that decide who owns what, who decides what etc. Most of the rules deal with what happens in an eventual divorce.

A man and a woman who marry do so under a blood oath, which means that they are ordained under their god to be honest and true to one another. This marriage can be dissolved by any of them, but it's usually an easier process for the woman to divorce a man than the other way around. She may divorce for any reason and can do so without involving authorities. A man must generally state his will to divorce to the chieftain of their house, unless he is the chieftain, in which case he is free to divorce at will.

Do note that there are very few ideals or rules governing casual relationships (everything that isn't a blood-bonded marriage).

Customary Codes and Shared Values

The appreciation for strength and dominance is common throughout morvátian cultures, while their application and appreciation for honor (or even interpretation) may vary. Morvátians expect that people say what they mean, state what they intend and do not lie. This is the social code and social norm.

But, considering that they are so competitive, dominant and aggressive, it's not unusual for them to suspect that their opponent might be lying regardless, and thus acting dishonorably. Most morvátians aren't above lying to get some form of advantage. While lying is certainly a dishonorable act, it's still a sort of unwritten custom that lying and getting away with it is still good. It's sort of a "if I do it, it's fine but if someone else does it, it's dishonorable" kind of thing.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Morvátians almost exclusively speak Qaj, as it's considered to be the divine language of Charos. Depending on locality, there may be those who know a bit of Ósleiðr. Traders naturally speak at least basic Kibon.


Morvátians are traditionalists and favor traditional salutes, proverbs and legends. They often speak in a high mannered and boasting way, standing close to one another and thus showing that they are not afraid of their opponent when they speak. They speak in a loud voice, clearly stating their opinions proudly.

Whispering, recoiling or standing at a distance are all considered dishonorable and cowardly behavior, or can be interpreted as if they despise the one they're speaking to, and will often be taken as a grave insult.

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Family Names

Varies with nations, but generally family traditions are strong and names reflect family membership.

Female Names

  • Aelanti
  • Araji
  • Arij'El
  • Beyal
  • Buhda
  • Chu'key
  • Kalitta
  • Keyla

Male Names

  • Adus
  • Ardak
  • Asogh
  • Bok'na
  • Jorek
  • Kavor
  • Klaah
  • Radok

Major Organizations

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