Khobon Pes'Maakh

Khobon Pes'Maakh, meaning "Khobon beyond the seas" in Kibon, is the very first outpost established on Celenia. When Totlhej Chel'ej and his crew first discovered the continent, they sought shelter from the wild storm in a bay, nestled among the cliffs of the northern coast. From their ships, they could see ruins of a large city.

Not only was this continent previously unknown, there were signs of civilisation. Totlhej knew he was onto something and that this new continent and its ruins was worth more than any shipping contract in history. So of course he landed and planted his flag.

Khobon beyond the seas was founded in the ruins of an ancient city, complete with protective walls that needed minimal work to be functional.


KPM, as it's called for short, is built on top of an ancient Estari city by the name of Meztratja. Totlhej and his crew used construction material from the ruined city to construct their outpost and with the economic power of his company, they hired on more workers to rapidly build a functioning city at the mouth of the river Slaad, that runs through the city.

The northern parts of the city are dedicated to docks, as this is the only location where the land reaches the sea in a somewhat useable fashion. Both west and east of here, there are huge cliffs separating land from sea, leading to an inhospitable landing for seafarers.

The land surrounding the city is largely covered in dense forests, partially felled by the many logging camps in the Slaad, Southbrook and Farsquare districts. The area south of the city is relatively flat, with a few rolling hills here and there, making it ideal for farmers and many, many families have set up farms in the lands south of KPM.


Khobon Pes'maakh is a traveler and merchant city. It's a port where the vast majority of people only stay for a few days at a time, constantly being on the move to other ports. As such, it is a thriving, living and exciting place full of adventure, interesting people and absolute ruthlessness.

With such a fluid population, it's nearly impossible to make any kind of accurate census, but at last count, the permanent residence made up about 1011 people, but it's assume that the number of people in the city at any time is at least 50% higher than that.

The people of Khobon pes'maakh are generally considered to be open-hearted, friendly and accepting towards strangers. It is a bit odd for them to have such an open attitude, considering KPM has a reputation for being a nearly lawless city, full of less than reputable individuals.

The people of the city and surrounding lands have developed a keen eye for judging people and have become quite adept at judging the intensions and honesty of strangers. If you don't mean to harm them, they will likely be helpful and open. Have ulterior motives and you will find them reserved, cautious and suspicious.


The three primary resources produced in KPM are marble, wood and stone, but there is a thriving market for dry goods, general trade merchandice and of course estarian artefacts.

The wood is used to produce trade items, houses and above all: ships for the Mek'lekam Trade Federation and the stone and marble is used for fancier houses, defenses and laying roads. What isn't used is traded away.

Entertainment and lodging

Being a merchant port, KPM is packed with entertainment. There are taverns, inns and brothels all over the city, most of them situated in the docks districts. Whatever your heart desires, you are likely to be able to find it here.

The Tired Traveler's Temptation

One of the most famous inns in the world is the Tired Traveler's Temptation, situated near the Mek'lekam Guid Halls in the center of the city. In spite of its somewhat sleazy-sounding name, it is a respectable establishment with some absolutely outrageous luxury available to the weary wanderer. It is, as expected, expensive to stay here, but with access to your own room, personal servant, proper heated bath and around the day service, this place is excellent for recovering from months at sea.

Bodrik's Burrow

Perhaps equally as famous, but for other reasons, is Bodrik's Burrow in the southern docks districts. It's known for being dirt cheap but offering very little in return. Most people would likely prefer to sleep on their ship rather than here, but it is a good place to "disappear" and if you're strapped for money, there ain't no better place to stay than Bodrik's. It is little more than cover over your head and a straw mattress shoved in a corner, but at least it is warm and dry, even in winter.

And Bodrik asks no questions. He answers even fewer.


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