The Seafarer's Wharf

Khobon is an oligarchal federation controlled by a council of trading guild masters. Nested on the frigid Blood Coast, Khobon and its people are very familiar with both the sea and its deathly cold. The people of Khobon were among the first creatures of Arjin to brave the seas and they have never stopped. They are among the finest seafarers you can find in the entire world, and they know it. Everything in Khobon circles around the sea in one way or another.

The Floating Cities

Almost every village, every town and every city is built on the coast or at a river. Most of them are even built partway out on the water. Khobon's peculiar water settlements are a magnificent and curious sight to behold. Wooden structures built upon poles, hammered into the ocean floor, suspended just high enough above the water surface to clear the wild waves of the frequent storms of the region. The inhabitants use rafts and small boats to travel the settlements, and wooden bridges to cross to other structures. Most structures are not connected by bridges, but those who are could be considered something akin to neighborhoods.

Visitors are generally required to abide by the traditions of the natives, and if one is required to receive lodging or food, one might have to take a ferry or raft to visit the inn, which may not be on land. Some larger towns will often have such facilities on land, to accomodate "land folk". Especially Ordo, the capital, which is something of an anomaly in Khobon, being built almost entirely on land and most buildings are built at least partly out of stone, not wood.

Beluga Tallow

The wooden beams and boards used to build the settlements of Khobon are treated with the tallow of a certain species of beluga that lives in the Blood Ocean. This makes them extremely resistant to moisture and rot, keeping them strong and healthy far beyond what normal wood would've survived in the ocean. Another method is to tar the wood heavily, but while it does prolong the life of the wood, it's not nearly as powerful as the beluga tallow.


Khobon is officially and externally a single nation, but it's really a segmented oligarchy. Every village, settlement, town, city and ship is considered a semi-sovereign state within the federation, and as such is ruled by the captain or mayor. These captains are sovereign within their own ship or settlement, as long as they obey the federal laws.


Khobon has access to significant amounts of iron through the sands and sediments of the Blood Coast and it's one of their most valuable trade commodities.

Foreign Relations

Khobon is an enemy and a friend of almost every major nation in the world. This complex relationship is due to Khobon's exclusive access to Naréinian wares, as they are the only ones the Naréinians will trade with. In addition, khobonian ships are the fastest, safest and most stable ships to sail the sea, and as such they are wanted for transport and escort duty. Khobon makes a lot of money from renting out ships and crews in addition to accepting transporting of wares. This makes Khobon vital for trade in the rest of the world.

However, there's also that small case of khobonian captains being sovereign on their own ships. Well, this means that the Council of Traders will turn a blind eye to piracy. The khobonians are just as likely to rob you blind and keelhaul you, as they are to trade with you if you encounter them on the open seas. Most likely they will engage in trade, as this is more constructive, but this blind eye towards piracy is what causes the other countries to have some animosity towards Khobon.

The Council of Traders walk a fine line in keeping their pirating captains in check in order to appease the other trading partners, and to keep their own people happy by allowing piracy in certain parts of the sea.


Khobon is not very interested in land, but they do require wood for building ships. It's not for nothing that khobonians jokingly call trees "boat building kits". So they do lay claim to at least some part of the Winterweald. However, the biggest "land" that Khobon lays claim to is the Blood Sea, or Sah Maakh'wa, "The Ocean Like Blood" as the locals call it.


Religion is an individual concern in Khobon. However, it's common for particularly devout captains to enforce their beliefs upon their subordinates.

"Once you have their money, never give it back!"

Geopolitical, Republic
Khobonians, seafolk
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Barter system
Legislative Body
Council of Traders
Judicial Body
Any lawbreakers are handled by the local captain or mayor, or anyone appointed in their place.
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