Imperial Palace Guard

The imperial palace guard is a collection of elite troops tasked with protecting the imperial palace in Dorholm, the political capital of the empire of Kfandr. Their primary task is to see to the protection and safety of the imperial family, and the grounds themselves. Their ultimate task is to protect the ruling emperor, or in this case: empress Sfeiða Fríðing.

Purpose och history

The imperial guard have history stretching back over 100 years and was founded on the orders of the emperor. Prior to the palace guard's institution, security was handled by randomly chosen regiments from the military. This service was generally looked down upon, as it was seen as more glorious to be a soldier in the standing army, rather than standing guard at the palace.

The combination of varying competency among the soldiers and the lacking motivation to serve for palace duty, the emperor founded the Imperial Palace Guard and picked only the most competent, most decorated and loyal soldiers and officers from the army. In addition, he paid this company more and offered them elite training.

This had two effects. Not only did it drastically raise the attractiveness of the service, but it also meant that the soldiers now tasked with the imperial family's safety were the strongest, most well trained soldiers in the empire.

Appearance and equipment

The imperial guard have access to the finest weapons of the entire empire, crafted by master smiths, employed by the imperial family. Most of them are armed with a spear or a halberd, a large round shield and an arming sword. Something that stands out is their armor. While only veteran soldiers of the world can afford extravagant armor, the imperial guard all wear brigandines, cloth armor with overlapping metal scales riveted onto the armor. The armor, just like their ceremonial capes, are deep blue in color, representing the imperial family's colors.

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
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