Champion of the Gods

To be chosen by a god, to serve their divine purpose, is one of the greatest honors any individual could ever receive. To be a chose champion is to be an instrument of divine will, one who stands above any law, granted divine authority over everyone.

The Chosen Champions

The champions of the gods are incredibly skilled and powerful individuals, chosen by a god to be heir agent in the world. Like runesmiths, these individuals are the instrument of the gods and their lives are consumed by their duty to them. They are often warriors of great strength and skill, further amplified by powerful, unique runes and blessings from their god.

Divine Authority

Champions stand above any law of the Kykr and operate with absolute authority among mortals. They demand respect and that their word be adhered to. However, if their Champion's Writ is not alight with golden light, they do not have the authority to break common law, but still demand respect.


While many, if not all, dream of it, becoming a Champaion is not something you can really just do. The gods' ways are mysterious and their criteria for choosing a Champion is known only to the gods. However, it is very clear that becoming a chosen Campion is not something you can easily become. You can't buy your way into the divine ranks, nor can you force your way there. Except possibly for becoming a chosen of Basalik. Perhaps some manner of significant sacrifice will catch the attention of the malevolent goat.

History shows that the gods tend to choose individuals who stand out in some way, usually in the area that interests the god specifically. Eri may choose a kind-hearted, just person while Charos may choose a glorious warrior. Being good at what you do and loyal to the god is your best bet for getting chosen.

Religious, Special
Form of Address
Chosen Champion of <deity>
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27 Aug, 2021 22:18

I really like that it's not just the great warriors who can become a champion of the gods, but anyone who excels or embodies the values of a god. I bet some interesting people have earned the rank over the years.

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