Cathedral of Eri

The grand cathedral is located on the cliffs of Val Kvanda. The city is partway built out onto the mesas of the Kfandr Bay, but the cathedral itself sits safely on land and is built on top of an artificial hill within walking distance from the cliffs themselves.   The cathedral is an absolutely ridiculusly ostentatious building built in the honor of Eri and her teachings (Liðr Lys).   As a symbol of Eri, the cathedral also fills the purpose of a religious gathering point. The


The Cathedral of Eri wasn't always an ostentatious building or even a location of great importance. It began life as a small monastary near the cliffs of Val Kvanda. The city wasn't a city back then, but mostly just a small port town and the monastary was built on a small hill outside the town. With time the town grew, and so did the monastary. Due to the city's strategic importance as a port city it grew rather rapidly, and with it came the pilgrims who wanted to visit the monastary.   Over time, the religious leadership decided to build the cathedral in the now sprawling city and the monastary was repurposed to a traveler's inn once the cathedral was finished. The construction of the cathedral took over 12 years from start to finish.
Alternative Names
House of Balance
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
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