Blood Witch

Blood witches, or Bog Witches, are horrible monstrosities that wield some twisted form of magic that allows them to bend bone, flesh and blood to their bidding. They commonly use these powers to twist and deform the local fauna to become her champions.

They are a bipedal creature native to Celenia. They reside mainly in bogs, swamps and moist caves where they practice the art of flesh-shaping to create mindless Bog Dweller minions to do their bidding.

Physical capabilities

A bog witch stands approximately 1.5-1.6 meters tall and looks like a shriveled, hunched illim woman way past her prime. Their skin is heavily wrinkled and they look thin and emaciated, almost corpse-like. Their bones are clearly visible under their thin, wrinkly skin.

One way to rapidly identify a bog witch is to look a their face. They do not have eyes like most other species. Instead their "eyes" are just black voids. Not even empty eyesockets, just a black emptiness where their eyes should've been. It is unknown how a bog witch perceives her surroundings but they appear to have quite good sense of smell and hearing. Whenever one has been encountered it appears as though they are capable of some form of sight.

Bog witches are not agile nor fast, moving at a slow and laboured pace. They pose little threat in a straight up fight and use their minions to do their fighting for them. They do however possess a supernatural ability to bend reality or affect other's minds. It is not known if this ability is innate to bog witches or if it is a result of the shadow corruption permeating the lands of Celenia.

Geographic distribution

Bog witches have only ever been found on the new continent of Celenia, primarily in the swamps south of Nabak, but have also been seen in other areas, such as the Hilly Heaths. They rarely travel far from their established home, usually in a cave or natural crevice that protects them from the elements. In rare cases, bog witches have been seen building rudimentary shelters, though this seem rare since these shelters cannot house too many of her minions. Most bog witches find a system of natural caves and tunnels, or have their minions excavate such a system. They populate their caves with bioluminescent fungi. It is unknown if this is for food or light. The fungi are strongly poisononous to Kykr species.


Blood witches are a formidable foe and a great threat to any small settlement. A single blood witch and her minions can overwhelm a small village with ease, turning the settlers into more minions. For this reason, there is usually a bounty on any killed blood witches.

Blood magic

While bog witches don't have much power in the physical space, they wield a strange form of evil magic that allows them to twist bone, shape flesh and manipulate blood to do their bidding. They can twist the minds of nearby fauna, people and flowers alike and make them her slave. The bog witches usually shape the flesh of their thralls into a certain form, the bog dwellers. These are her army, her minions and her soldiers. The bog dwellers gather food, fight off invaders and protect the bog witch. It is unknown if this form of magic is related to shadow magic or not.


Blood witches appear to be cunning, if not intelligent. They act with some form of planning and strategy, yet to do not appear to be sapient, like the Kykr. They could be considered to be something between an animal and a person. When observed, blood witches do not speak to their minions, but appear to be able to control them or guide them in some way. It is believed that they have some form of silent communication that can't be percieved or perhaps not understood by kykr.

~100 years
Average Height
1.5-1.6 meters
Average Weight
Geographic Distribution

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I assume that if you're close enough to a bog witch to look at her face, it's probably already too late for you. The idea of them being able to control and distort mind, blood, and flesh is rather terrifying. Remind me to stay out of the bogs!   I love the idea of caves lit up by bioluminescent fungi. <3

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Yeah, it's not a safe bet, to be sure. Or well, it's a safe BET, but not necessarily safe ;) I pondered mentioning that, but I feel like the rest of the article makes that particular case pretty clear on its own. :)

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I almost wish you hadn't described them so well since now i'll probably be seeing them in the dark corners of my house at 3 am. Seriously, this is wonderfully descriptive. I do have a question though, are they all girls? If so, how are they created?

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The "female" part is more an assignment from the kykr. The creatures are magical sex-less creatures.

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