The Cradle of Civilization

Arjin is the cradle of civilization and the continent on which the people of the Trifolk Alliance (better known as the Kykr) rule supreme. It is a huge continent, with multiple geographical biomes and wildly varying terrain and weather.   Despite its size only about half of Arjins surface is habitable, or at least comfortably so. A very large portion of the continent is dominated by two gigantic mountain ridges, one stretching from the south and curves northwards, forming the inner western coast. It is met by the other mountain ridge that stretches across the continent in the east-westwards direction. Only a small pass allows safe travels across them, just north of the Kfandr Bay. The mountains have a myriad of names in different countries, languages and dialects. But most can agree on calling the north-south mountain the Spineridge (Hragrfell in Ósleiðr) and the west-eastern mountain Næka, named after the tribes of mountain-dwellers living on the plateaus in the kingdom of Hakr'Næka.   The Kfandr bay is as close to paradise as you can get, with vast lands of arable land, rivers, forests and lakes providing ample amount of food and natural resources for the people living there. The mountains have a decent amount of minerals in them, primarily copper and silver. The more rarer and valuable iron is found on the very northeastern shores of the country, in the sediments of the Blood Sea, called so for its reddish tint.   From the Kfandr bay one can travel westwards into a region called the Morvátian Peninsula, where the morvátian people reside. It's almost as amiable as the Kfandr bay, though in the Southern Fields of Irdar it can get relatively hot in summers, and in the north of Kingdom of Khol-Chatal, called the Outlands, it gets absolutely freezing in winters.   Traveling east from the Kfandr bay brings you into the pleasant Gimroan Basin, home to the gimroan peoples. The Gimroan basin is likely the most fertile area of the entire continent, housing several huge rivers and grand swaths of forests and grass plains.   To the south of the Gimroan basin there's just miles and miles upon miles of open plains where a multitude of nomadic animals graze and migrate. These are the Great Plains of Kimaru where the kharamôrian people reside. Further south through the plains will eventually take you you to the Kimaran Desert and the jungles of Tabut-Heda.


Arjin - Regional map
Map covering all the regions, areas, forests, islands and rivers of Arjin.
Arjin doesn't have single set geography or climate, due to being so very large. North of the mountain of Næka, there's a large area of coniferous forests and even further north, a large island that carries the ancient name of Ayera. In the modern tongues of the land it's commonly referred to as the Winterweald. The forest is so thick that even in mid day it's gloomy at ground level in the forest and no snow ever reaches the ground. The ground is home to a very soft carpet of undergrowth and discarded fir needles. The entire forest is bathed in a loomy, dark green light that filters down through the thick three coverage above, and it's freezing cold year around, with frost and ice covering the ground. Whatever plants survive down in the thick undergrowth are generally pale, frost resistant bushes and berry plants. Aside from a few logging camps near the mountain passes, there is no known settlements or civilizations in the Winterweald. Anyone who goes in there is very likely to never return, either devoured by one of the many monsters inside, captured by the fay or fallen into a deep crevice. The forest is a dangerous place.   On the western side of the Spineridge lies the lands known as Renegar. An almost completely uninhabitable, pitiful little stretch of coast between the great cliffs of the Ridge and the roaring ocean of the Kfandr bay. By the most scholarly people Renegar should be split into "upper" and "lower" Renegar, but it's unlikely the inhabitants care about such nuances. Renegar is relatively comfortable in the northern parts, and that's also where the Empire of Kfandr house their grand harbor and enormous shipyards. Traveling southeast into Renegar brings you to the increasingly hot steppelands and eventually into a scorching desert.   These lands are claimed to be inhabited by no one, but there are rumors of deep desert nomads living here and in the farthest south, where the Spineridge sinks into the sea, the jungles of Tabut-Heda house the territorial Hessak lizardfolk.


  • Arjin - Regional map
    Map covering all the regions, areas, forests, islands and rivers of Arjin.
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