Is your advertisement not catchy enough? Getting drowned out by the neon signs of your neighbours?   Coat your building in WoLOLO™ and never be drowned out again!
— Kasa Surfaces Commerical

Wololo, commerically written as "WoLOLO", means "Winsome Luminant Open Light Oscillation" and is a trademark registered to Kasa Surfaces Incorporated. It is a layer of microscopic crystals that can be used to coat a surface. When powered, these crystals produce a brilliant, colored light. With alternating voltages and control signals, the color and intensity of the light can be controlled in great detail.

Wololo, while expensive, is commonly used for huge billboards and to decorate ostentatious buildings. There are rich people who also cover their cars and hovers in wololo, making for ridiculous displays of wealth.


Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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