Theimira (a.k.a. Desert Angel) (She/Her)

"She thinks that just because she's doing good, she can get away with whatever she wants. But I'm the law around here and she'll find out one day what that means.

Korin Drehk, Bailiff of Bullet Creek


Theimira is as close to an "adventurer" you can come in this world. She is an exceptionally skilled survivor who excels in anything from stealth to combat. She operates out of Bullet Creek as a sort of mercenary, frequently taking on jobs no one else wants or dares take on. Her fees are modest and she aims to help those in the most need.

In spite of her "golden heart", which has gained her the nickname "The Angel of the Desert", she is much disliked by the authorities, particularly Korin Drehk, the local bailiff who feels she operates above and outside the law.

Warning: Spoilers about her past

Theimira was born and raised in Fusion City in a low class home. She was one of several children kidnapped for a secret bioweapon program. The vast majority of children were either deemed infeasible subjects or did not survive the treatments. Theimira is one of few who made it.

She has extensive bionic grafts, replacing many of her organs, especially heart and lungs, with artifically grown bionic organs. These organs are many times more resilient and efficient than regular organic ones.

Many key bones in her skeleton are replaced with a nanoweave thermoplane composits, making them exceptionally strong. While this give her very strong resilience, it is mainly to support her cybernetic muscles. She also has a number of neural cybernetics, enhancing her reaction speed, vision, hearing and other senses.

In spite of the rather extensive artifical grafts, Themiria is not aware she is a cyborg with bionic parts. She is only alive because of a rogue lab worker who gave up their life to destroy the lab and enable Theimira's escape. The same lab worker also implanted Theimira with a mind-altering substance, effectively erasing, or at the very least obscuring, the vast majority of Theimira's early memories of life.

  • Make a name for herself
  • Improve her skills
  • (lofty) End the raider menace
  • (Big goal) Find out about her past



  • Helpful
  • Generous
  • Hardy


  • Copious drinker
  • Abrasive and harsh
  • Somewhat overconfident and cocky


She can't seem to make up her mind on what she thinks of people. She seem to believe that all men are always out for a relationship so she tends to be a hardass and downright rude to most men, while actively talking down to women for being "weak". She is hard-skinned and traumatized, leading to a very hostile attitude.



Booze, preferrably hard liquor


Probing questions about her past. Her past bothers her. It pains her that she doesn't know, so it makes it worse when others ask. She hates dishonesty. But above all she hates those who prey on the weak and those who cannot defend themselves. (This is a subconscious trauma from her own "upbringing". She was more or less tortured, albeit not intentionally, in order for her bionic implants to grow and integrate. Her cybernetics also.


Theimira believes in absolute honesty. However, because she knows so little, she'd rather be silent than lie. So she comes off as secretive and distant.

Important milestones




Mental Classification
mid to late 20's
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Sandy brown

Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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