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The Web is a technological interconnection of everything. Vastly outperforming any global networks that existed prior to the Cataclysm, the Web offers lightning fast communication and data handling. Almost every single system in Fusion City is connected in some way to the Web.  


The Web is a node-based mega-network that connects everything through defended nodes, private zones and private tunnels. The name comes from how the Web looks similar to a messy spiderweb when visualised through its nodes, zones and links.   While a large portion of the Web is open to anyone, there is a significant part of the Web that requires authentication and security clearance to access. For instance, all corporate zones are locked behind powerful firewalls and authentication servers, allowing access only by trusted terminals and individuals. While any terminal inside said zone can access the private zone, each zone may have sub-zones set up inside it that require further security clearance to access.   This elegant system of zones, nodes and links (tunnels) make the Web a secure and powerful method of sharing and accessing data no matter where you are in Fusion City.  



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