Synthfood is a catch-all term for a product line of synthetically produced foodstuffs. Commonly looked down upon as subpar food with poor taste and little nutritional value. However the reputation is somewhat ill-deserved as synthfood has scored higher than grown food in almost every test performed when it comes to nutritional value. Taste, however, scores significantly lower.



Synthfood offers several advantages over traditionally grown food. First, it can be created in huge quantities in industrial fashion, not having to wait for animals to grow or crops to harvest. It can be made in any shape, color or flavor which allows great variation. It is also much cheaper to produce than traditional food.  


It's not all gold that glimmers, however. Synthfood is chemically unstable and hard to cook and mix with other ingredients. This makes synthfood a "you get what you buy" kind of deal as you really can't alter the flavor or spice it up in any way. One package of gray protein paste? That's what you get.   Synthfood also rapidly loses its flavor, which means that it's a short-lifespan kind of food which must be eaten relatively soon after production. After only a week or two, any synthfood product will have taken on a similar, porridge-like consistency and a bland, macerated taste.  

Health concerns

There are also studies that indicate that synthfood has a significant impact on life expectancy of people who exclusively eat synthfood. These studies indicate that it may shorten your lifespan by as much as 2-6 years. These studies have received a lot of criticism, but mostly from companies producing synthfood. However, most of these studies were also funded by companies that produce traditional food. So debate rages ever on.  


Synthfood is really a single product that through additives gain new properties such as viscosity, color, flavor and smell. When it is first produced, it's a colorless, bland gray mush that tastes muddy. Through adding in coloration and flavouring as well as other additives, the synthfood can be made to look and taste almost like whatever you want.   It is a common marketing strategy for licensed synthfood products to emphasize the variety. Neon-glowing milk? Sure! Purple apples? Sure! They taste nothing like the thing they're imitating, but at least they look cool. Kids never get enough of having a bioluminescent mouth for a while.  

Popularity and spread

Synthfood is consumed by most individuals in Fusion City, but the upper class citizens generally only eat "fast-food" like products on the move, preferring "real" food whenever they can. Poorer citizens often rely on synthfood for its low cost.
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