Skint is a combined card and board game that is played by two players. Each side representing either the nation of Khamad or the nation of Irdárina. It's a recreation of the centuries long conflict between these two nations and their many lords.



Skint probably began as a simple boardgame played with rocks in sand, but has developed over the centuries to become a serious "master's game" played on ornate, wooden boards with exquisite figures. It is not known from where the name comes as it's inception is long forgotten and not recorded in history.   Though a lot of history was lost to The Cataclysm, at least some details can be gleaned from historical records. The game has evolved over time as has its rules, but the core mechanics have remained largerly similar.   The game is said to represent the battle of Irdar keep, where the Irdárian rebellions, led by Keyla of Vayantar, fought against the king of Khamad, Kaivas.  


The game is played on a board, traditionally made out of wood, divided into 11 by 11 squares. Some of these squares are colored, while others are white (or another color, depending on the design, as long as the two types are easily distinguishable).   Each player has a number of pieces that they put on the board. The "dark" player, traditionally representing the Kingdom of Khamad, place their pieces along the edge of the board, six on each side, with one being a "general" and placed in front of the others. The "light" player, representing the Sovereign Principality of Irdárina, place their pieces in the center of the board on the 15 marked squares, with "Keyla" in the center.
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The goal of the game is for the Irdárian player to get Keyla safely to one of the corners or for the Khamadian player to kill Keyla before she makes it to safety. Each player can move a single piece one step in a cardinal direction when it's their turn. Pieces can be captured by surrounding it on two sides with your own pieces.  


Some variations of the game introduces a deck of situational cards that hold special events and temporary rules, adding some variation. This version of Skint is usually refered to as a Varg's Skint, after the inventor of the deck addition.

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