Shadowscars are locations where the Veil between the Shadow Realm and the world was weak or thin, usually due to machines running on Shadow Power.   These locations are infested by raw Shade energy and it has corrupted all life and the land around it. Shadowscars are commonly ruins of the cities of old, rich in technology and resources, but very dangerous to explore.



Shadowscars are widespread in the Shadowmark and one would do well to avoid them when traveling the wasteland. The most common locations are ruined old cities and industrial centers because of how weak the Veil was at these locations, allowing a lot of energy through during The Cataclysm. Not all ruined settlements are classified as shadowscars however, some of them are traversible and some have been converted into wasteland settlements, built on top of the ruined cities.   There are also locations scattered throughout the Shadowmark that are classified as shadowscars without a ruin there, it's simply a location where the Cataclysm was particularly bad.  


Shadowscars are lethal to all life. Entering a shadowscar's mist is almost always lethal with enough exposure. Shadow corruption will inevitably lead to shadow sickness and death within 8-12 hours of exposure. Even limited exposure can have long-lasting effects. Those who do not die, risk becoming mutated monstrosities that cannot leave the scars because they now rely on the shade energy present. Mercifully, these unfortunate souls have lost all sense and reason and are little more than murderous beasts.
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Forbidden Zone
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The wastelands outside the cities. A toxin-ridden desert, populated only by the exiled, monsters and mutants.

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The same holds true for plants and animals. That which does not die from the toxic energies is corrupted into a shadow form of itself. Mutated, twisted and corrupted, these entities feed upon the life force and flesh of anything alive nearby. Shadebeasts, mutated animals, sometimes leave the shadowscars on hunt for food, but usually do not stay outside the scar for more than a few hours at most. The world outside the scar is as deadly to them as the scars are to us.  


Due to the scars often being old ruins, they are rich in old technology and resources and because they are so deadly, they are often not looted clean already. However, one must prepare diligently before attempting to explore a shadowscar. You will need protective clothing, usually a HAZMAT suit or similar, breathing aid to prevent airway exposure as well as powerful lights to light up the dark, misty landscape. Armor and powerful weapons are also recommended to fend off the corrupted monstrosities inside.

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