Shadow Power

A technology that extracted energy from the Shadow dimension and turned it into usable energy. Through specialized power plants, known as Shadow Plants, the energy of the shadow dimension could be channeled through the Veil between the worlds. Once in our world the Shade formed a thick, viscous liquid that could be processed into raw energy either for storage or immediate use.  


Hundreds of years ago, in the feudal age, the Kykr discovered Shadow Power on the recently colonized continent of Celenia. It was first exploited by people called themselves Mystics who used it as a form of magic. The power of shadow was dark and terrifying to their fellow Kykr, and these mystics were branded heretics, called Occultists and persecuted by the religious. These individuals became progressively corrupted by the shadow as they used it. While their power increased, so did their corruption and eventually they would become entirely lost to the corruption and turn into dark monstrosities.   As religious fanaticism gave way to science, the Kykr explored ways to harness the power of the shadow in a more practical and non-destructive ways. Over the course of about a century, the Kykr researched the properties of Shade, as they had come to call the energy. The Shade, when brought through the Veil separating the worlds, was a thick, viscous fluid that had a great energy density. While the fluid was highly reactive and dangerous to anything living, the Kykr found that with proper precaution and shielding, they could exploit the energy content within the fluid.   Once the process of extracting the Shade's energy was fully understood and perfected, Kykr society skyrocketed into an industrial revolution.  


Once the technology to extract and refine the energy was perfected, Kykr society flourished. They built machines that ran on shadow energy that vastly outperformed anything they had created before. Within the span of a few hundred years, civilisation went from a feudal, primitive society to a technological marvel. With unlimited energy at their disposal they built massive, self-sustaining cities all over the world. 11 in total, all running entirely on shadow energy. They developed vehicles that could float in the air and some could even fly. Industrial mass-production raised living standards across the world.   What the Kykr didn't know was that the shadow energy they were using wasn't infinite at all. The shadow dimension was rapidly drained of its binding energy, destabilizing it more and more until the point where it couldn't hold together. With insufficient binding energy, the dimension collapsed into a singularity and the force of the collapse caused the singularity to explode, like a supernova.   Every shadow power plant across the world acted like a conduit, leading the destructive force right into the hearts of the megacities and out into the wilderness around them. The entire world was ended in one cataclysmic event, leaving nothing but a toxic wasteland behind.
2220 FA by Sanret D'Goeva
  Occultism outbreak
2222 FA   Occultism outlawed
2223 FA   First powerplant built
2489 FA   The Cataclym
2640 FA

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