Laser technology has been present for hundreds of years and forms a base for a lot of modern technology. Lasers are vital for minute manufacturing, surgery, communication and in some cases weaponry. Lasers come in many shapes from continuous wave, low power lasers to gigawatt pulse lasers, each designed with a specific purpose in mind.

What is a Laser?

A LASER, short for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation", is akin to a flashlight generating light, but the light is highly uniform and focused, leading to very small scattering and high energy content in the beam. Because of the uniformity lasers are capable of they can be finely tuned and reliable for measuring and targeted destruction. Surgery can be performed with lasers where wounds are immediately cauterised, minimizing bleeding and simultaneously making minimal damage on the body. Lasers are frequently used as incredibly precise measurement devices.


Continuous Wave Laser

CWLs are used in any situation where consistent power application is important. CWLs are used in surveillance devices, measuring and communication.  

Pulse Wave Laser

Pulselasers are used in situations where high power application is more important than consistency. These are common in science, manufacture and weapon's technology.
Records are not preserved on who initially invented and brought lasers to the market. They were lost in The Cataclysm.
Lasers are incredibly common both as tools and accessories. Many every day devices function on laser technology. Laser weaponry is restricted to corporate security and police forces.

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