Keyla Vayantar

Bej'Mako Keyla Vayantar

Keyla Vayantar, full name: Keyla, daughter of Kavok of the house of Vayantar, was the founder of the Sovereign Principality of Irdárina. Irdárina is the remnant state that Fusion City belongs to and as far as is known, all survivors of The Cataclysm are former Irdárians.


Keyla was born in Tirion, the capital of Khamad, in 1820 in the feudal age (FA). She was a noble by birth and her father raised her a soldier. She served as a soldier in the Khamadian army and later as an officer in the royal guard. Keyla was skilled, well spoken and intelligent and she became an important noblewoman in king Kaivas' court. She became legend during the Irdárian rebellions.



Gorj the Conqueror and Irdar Keep

When Keyla was 23 years old, Khamad was at war with a neighboring nation, the Kfandr empire. The war was taxing on the resources of Khamad and king Kaivas was despairing, believing that Khamad was losing the war. At the same time, a strong conqueror had begun conquering and uniting the scattered western tribes and city-states under one banner, the Khol-Chatal.   Keyla, along with several of Kaivas' officers, believed that Khamad should face this Gorj the Conqueror, as he called himself, and stop his expansion towards the Khamadian border. Kaivas' however, did not believe that Khamad had the resources to fight a war on two fronts, and claimed that Gorj would settle with uniting the scattered nations, rather than threatening Khamad.   The conflict came to a climax when Gorj began construction of a great keep just on the Khamadian western border. Keyla again approached the king and requested that Gorj would be dealt with swiftly, lest he'd have a secure position from which to invade the Khamadian lowlands in the west. Kaivas again claimed that Gorj was securing his border, rather than mounting an invasion and said that he was to be left alone and that Khamad had to focus on the aggressive Kfandr empire.   Keyla and her officers realized that they would not be able to convince the cowardly king of the importance of this keep in the fields of Irdar. She spoke to her officers and her men and within days she marched towards the keep with almost 3 000 men, with intent to raze or take it before it was completed and had more than just support troops there.  

The Battle of Irdar Keep

Keyla and her loyalists swept upon the keep, surprising the engineers and slaves that were there to build the keep. They killed over 400 of them, while the remaining men fled into the chatalan bogs. The keep was near completion, but stood no chance against the loyalists. Keyla and her men quickly fortified the keep and finished what they could, in order to resist a counter-attack by Gorj and his chatalans.   Little did they expect that the attack would not come from the chatalans, but from king Kaivas himself. He was livid that Keyla had defied his orders and taken the keep. In spite of his claims that Khamad could not fight a war on two fronts, he gathered his troops, 7 000 men strong and stormed the keep.  

The Siege of Irdar Keep

Kaivas lay siege to the castle for four years, before the starving loyalists realised that they were without hope. They would have to come up with a plan to break the siege. Keyla roused her men and in the cover of the night, they attacked the sieging army. Kaivas and his officers was not expecting an attack, and there was panic and confusion as Keyla's loyalists swept through the camp. They managed to inflict horrendous losses on the Khamadian army, slaying well over 3 000 men, while losing only 700 of their own.
1820 FA -1847 FA (Died 27 years old)
Tirion, Khamad
Presented Sex
Clear royal blue iris, dark blue sclera, almond shaped.
Orange, cut short
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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The Death of a Legend

Keyla herself is said to have slain King Kaivas in the chaos that ensued, but unfortunately she was also one of those slain in the battle. Without their king, the Khamadian army broke and surrendered. Radok, Keyla's husband, took the opportunity to gather the remaining loyalists and declare victory. He took Keyla's sword and declared that from this day forth, the loyalists would no longer be under the yoke of the Khamadian cowardly nobility but be a proud, strong and independent people. He named the nation "Irdárina", after the fields of Irdar, where the battle was held.  


Keyla's legacy is one of pride, strength and honor. Her sacrifice and bravery shaped the Irdárian society and culture and many of their cultural traits remain even to this day. In particular, the honorific greeting "Kel!" comes from her name. It became something you would say when someone left on a journey to wish them strength and luck, or to greet someone for whom you hold a lot of respect. The greeting is usually performed by hitting the left side of your chest/shoulder with your palm and then closing the hand to a fist, and expressing "Kel!"   The Sword of Keyla has become an important historical artifact kept in the Fusion City State Museum.

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