Kasakai Apparel Model 105

The “goon jacket”, commercially known as the Kasakai Apparel "Model 105", is a cyberweave jacket. It commonly incorporates glossy, reflective or self-luminescent surfaces to create an outrageously visible piece of apparel, perfect for those wishing to stand out. Its great customizability and outlandish flare makes it enormously popular among the young and rebellious. Entire gangs have made the 105 their official “uniform”, customized to fit in. Hence why it’s become known as the “goon jacket”.

A vindral wearing a customized Kasakai M-105

The vindral's choice of apparel includes a personally customized Kasakai M-105 with a glossy, black finish accentuated by orange WoLOLO detailing, stylishly disabled for the moment, enhancing the orange finish. The teal WoLOLO collar is brightly lit, giving the inside of her jacket a dramatic look.

To complement the teal inside lighting, she wears a Kasakai "Elegance" transparent cyberweave tank top with WoLOLO circuitry artwork, also in dramatic teal, matching up beautifully with her jacket's collar. The tank top's collar is jet black with teal WoLOLO, giving her the apperance of wearing a choker. Nice touch!

Her persoCom is shaped like a reversed wristwatch in teal and black, again matching her outfit. This, complemented by the large, boisterous belt makes for a striking finish to her upper body. This lady knows fashion!

— Fashion Review Magazine Entry on the release of the Kasakai 105.


Cyberweave is a textile, partially derived from thermoplane ceramics. Mixed with a strong nylon and some other elements, the thermoplane nano-tubes work as strong and conductive fibers. With interwoven circuitry, WoLOLO and other reactive materials, cyberweave is able to change color, luminance, stiffness and shape according to input signals from a control board. While only the WoLOLO elements can change color, the control signals and power required can be routed through the conductive fibers of the weave.

With cyberweave being the foundational fabric of the 105, the ability to customize your garment is staggering. Cyberweave makes for a strong, durable and expensive material that usually takes on a plastic-like surface, yet breathes decently. You still wouldn’t want to wear cyberweave directly on your skin, unless you’re in a dedicated costume for one night. You’ll be uncomfortably warm and sweaty under the tight cloth.

The combination of thermoplane-derived cloth and integration of WoLOLO means that cyberweave cloth can be made to glow in any wavelength of electromagnetic radiation you wish, including the fatal ones. However, all commercially available cyberweaves and WoLOLO-emitter surfaces are incapable of projecting anything beyond a span from low ultraviolet to the upper infrared spectrum to avoid harm to users.


"While the Model 105 is a remarkably sturdy and fashionable piece of clothing, it is not a body armor, in spite of popular videos you may have seen."   "Kasakai Apparel is not responsible for bodily harm due to misue of the apparel. Please see the addendum for further information."
— Model 105 Product Information Supplement.

Most cyberweave clothing, including the 105, is matte black in its base form. But it can be dyed to most colors and patterns, and the inclusion of WoLOLO means that it can also change color on the fly. However, WoLOLO is only able to emit light, not alter its reflective properties, so you can’t change the base color of the garment, only the light it shines with. This combination makes for a highly customizable garment that can be stylish, practical and durable or outlandish, garish and eye-catching, depending on your needs.

The cyberweave cloth is controlled by a small control board sewn into the garment somewhere of your choosing. The control board is easy to manage and allows the wearer to change the pattern, color, frequency and intensity of the light produced by the WoLOLO. If one splurges a bit extra, one can purchase a PersoCom interface for the garment, allowing for easier and faster design in the persocom. Usually, the battery is installed along with the control board, allowing for an easy replacement.

Popular designs

In spite of the 105’s wide range of customizations, the most common design is the “goon jacket” design, which is a matte-black, gray or navy blue base color with WoLOLO covering the inside of the collar, the cuffs and a gang sign on the back, like a biker patch. While you are free to design and buy whatever you wish, using an established gang design when you’re not a member of said gang is an extraordinarily bad idea.



Kasakai M-105, transparent design

Cyberweave is remarkably strong, giving the 105 a good lifespan, protecting it from tearing, ripping or even scratching. The incorporated WoLOLO-patches are more sensitive and can be scratched or damaged by sharp objects or impacts. For this reason, the WoLOLO patches are usually located in protected areas, like on the chest or back, inside the collar or the cuffs of the jacket. But there’s nothing stopping you from designing a jacket which is covered in WoLOLO. However, it might not retain pristine condition for as long as a more modest jacket.

With its resistance to scratching and damage, the 105 actually makes for a decent body armor in a pinch. It protects remarkable well against cuts from bladed weapons. Piercing trauma is likely to go through the jacket, as are any blunt force, as the jacket is far too flexible to resist blunt trauma. Any small-arms fire is also guaranteed to go through the jacket as it is a piece of apparel, not a body armor. Its resistance to cuts is simply a side-effect of the thermoplane nanotubes used to weave the garment. But in a street scuffle, it's definitely better than not wearing anything.

Mood music!

Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Kasakai Apparel
Brand Owner
Kasakai Apparel
Technology used
Starting at 800 Cr. Customizations can add more than 3 000 Cr.

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"The Model 105 will not protect you against:
  • Knife stabs
  • High velocity vehicular impact
  • Small-arms fire
  • Large caliber weaponry
  • Slashes from bladed weapons
  • Falling from buildings
  • Drowning
  • Electrocution
  • Being burned alive
  • Strangulation
  • Venomous bites
  • Punches
  • Pipe strikes
(It keeps going for three more pages)
— Model 105 Information Supplement Addendum


Thermoplane was known to be an extraordinarily strong and resilient material for many decades before it was possible to make significant amounts of it. The initial use for thermoplane was military and submarine applications, reinforcing glass and armor on vehicles. One notorious example of excess thermoplane use is the Arcom Solutions Nixie submarine, which has an entire bow section made of thermoplane.

With Kasa Surfaces Incorporated invention of WoLOLO, marketing and ideas surrounding customizable clothing really exploded. Wololo is flexible and requires very little energy to activate, so having clothes with integrated wololo seemed like a distinct possibility. Vehicles and buildings were already plastered in WoLOLO to outrageous effects, so why not clothes?

Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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Amélie I. S. Debruyne
31 May, 2021 12:47

Great article! I absolutely love the textile technology side of the article and how you detail how it works :D   "cyberweave cloth can be made to glow in any wavelength of electromagnetic radiation you wish, including the fatal ones." This is very interesting. Can anyone hack the clothes to go beyond the limits imposed on commercially available clothes to have some "fun"? I imagine some idiots or some terrorists would attempt it…   " However, this combination makes for a highly customizable garment" You started two sentences one after another with "however".   How do they control the illumination of the clothes, by connecting it to a computer or electronic watch or something like that? Or is it not something that can be changed after the design has been made and the clothes manufactured?

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31 May, 2021 12:49

No, the commerical Wololo is physically limited to just outside the visual spectrum, for safety. They cannot be "hacked" to go beyond that. Their emitters are not capable.   And yes, you control it with a small control board sewn into the cloth somewhere of your choosing, along with the battery. I should probably mention that.

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Nice article and I like the new css design

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31 May, 2021 22:26

While giving people radiation poisoning might be something terrifying, it's highly ineffective as a weapon. In addition, if you're emitting that much radiation to actually be a threat to someone, you're likely going to fry yourself first.   Just because they're technically capable of emitting lethal wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation does not mean is a good idea ever. ;)   Thank you for the read!

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31 May, 2021 22:30

Yeah that would probably be not be the best idea for the user then :p

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2 Jun, 2021 09:00

I really love these jackets, I wish I could have one of these :’0 (am I one of the you g and rebellious??)   I also really like the idea of cyberweave, like first of all its an awesome world, and second of all its a dope concept! The disclaimer by the makers of model 105 is really funny too

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This is such a great article! I love that you included the Product Information Supplement in the main article and the Addendum in the sidebar - I wanted to read the Addendum and then you provided it so nicely for me! XD Your writing is silky smooth and so engaging to read. I was never bored or lost in the details. And your styling is gorgeous!

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Thank you for all the kind words! I appreciate the read.

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Really interesting jacket! I like how it has a colloquial name as well as an official name, it makes it feel very believable (I can certainly understand that a lot of people would rather not call something by a longer name, so “goon jacket” is great).   It’s also just very cool! I like how the color is customizable, but it isn’t actually changing the color, but instead the light it is shining with. That is a very unique touch that makes some nice customizability while still having a new flair to it and keeping its identity as the same outfit. I also loved the music! Really gave it a cool feel.   I am curious, with the WoLOLO being sensitive, does this often prevent it from being put on too much of the outfit, or is that normally ignored?

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It's not like it's delicate. Just that it isn't as sturdy as the rest of the fabric. It's kind of akin to a reflective vest which has a reflective layer sprayed onto it. It survives wind and weather, but any serious scratch is going to leave a mark.   WoLOLO is kinda the same. It's a microscopic layer of electroresonant crystals that emit light when excited with energy. So if you scratch the surface, you'll peel away parts of the layer, leaving a non-lighting surface behind.   So it's not like it'll wear out from using it once or twice. But if you, say, accidentally bump into a brick wall with a shoulder or even a door post, it might scratch.

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3 Jun, 2021 01:34

Yes I read your article! ;)   And I loved it, this is great! WoLOLO really is a ridiculous name and I love it. The idea that these are protective but not really is fun to think Bout too. Definitely an enjoyable read, thank you for writing it!   (Also, I am loving the new theme! At first I was sad to see the old Cinders theme go but this one grew on me quickly. You did a great job with it).

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These sound real neat to use! "using an established gang design when you’re not a member of said gang is an extraordinarily bad idea." So can someone hack your outfit to display a gang logo and get you shanked? Asking for a friend.

3 Jun, 2021 12:29

That wouldn't be possible, as the WoLOLO (which is the layer that emits light) is sprayed onto an adhesive surface on top of the cyberweave. So you wouldn't be able to change the shape of it on the fly.   However, if you made a literal patch (like a circle of WoLOLO) that COULD be hacked to display a different shape via light.   So uh..yeah that wouldn't be great :D

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3 Jun, 2021 12:49

Excellent... *bumps into someone and apologizes for it, leaving behind a patch to control later on*

4 Jun, 2021 13:31

WoLOLO is fun to say out loud. WoLOLO.   I love the rather extra aesthetics of the jacket, particularly the glowing. My favourite thing is that cyberweave cloth can glow in fatal wavelengths - I imagine that could have some interesting utility. Probably best that's not available in commercial clothes though. XD   I love the manual extract at the side telling you what the jacket doesn't protect you from, and the note it goes on for three more pages.   Also, your CSS theme looks AMAZING.

7 Jun, 2021 10:41

Nice article, the only thing I'm wondering, if they can display any form of electromagnetic radiation. Why do you need to dye it? Colour is just an specific frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum, so could this not be shaped into colors or images or be used to disguise themselves in their environment? Or this can only be settle when it's originally done?

7 Jun, 2021 16:05

The only parts that can display light is the WoLOLO layers, and they are expensive, and usually also somewhat fragile. A full jacket covered in WoLOLO would degrade rather quickly and also be very expensive. So for that reason, most of the jacket is cyberweave, with designated WoLOLO areas instead, and the cyberweave, while sturdy and conductive, can't radiate.

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9 Jun, 2021 17:30

I love me some outrageously visible apparel :D   Also, got a good laugh out of me with the "will not protect you from:" section on the sidebar. Great stuff xD

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Great art and a great design aesthetic add tons to this already well-written and succinct (thank you for that!) piece. I got a great flavor for your world without being overburdened by way more detail than I needed.

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