Gerwyn Aslik

Chief Executive Officer Gerwyn Aslik

Gerwyn Aslik is the inventor of the Nanocircuitry and SNFC technologies as well as being renowned for being the world's oldest Vindral.



Gerwyn worked as a hardware designer at Seris Electronics in her youth and invented nanocircuitry during her time at Seris, unlocking the possibility for superminiaturization of electronics. Not satisfied with just one groundbreaking discovery, she went on to develop the Secured Near-Field Communication protocol that used nanocircuitry to perform secured, virtually unhackable data transfers between two SNFC devices in close proximity. These two technologies combined are present in the now ubiqutous nanocircuit Credit Chip and also in modern ID-tags.  


Gerwyn is well over 70 years old, unnaturally long even for enhanced Vindral. Natural average age for Vindral is 40 years and one can push that up to an average of 55 years with proper cybernetics, biotechnology and medication, but Gerwyn has lived to the ripe age of 75 years and she is still holding the title as CEO of Seris Electronics.   She is clearly old with white hair and faded, almost gray eyes. She has several advanced cybernetic implants, including one of her eyes and both of her legs. People claim she also has several artifical organs in her body, both cybernetic and biotechnical, to keep her alive at this advanced age. Being a Vindral, she doesn't act quite that old as Vindral age in a peculiar way as opposed to the other species. Her mind is still as sharp as ever.  


As the CEO of Seris Electronics, Gerwyn is well liked and she is one of few CEOs how appear to genuinely care about her employees and offer decent services to them for their diligent work. She is also wildly successful a business-woman, having struck countless deals that have benefited Seris immensly over the years. She is charismatic, smart and has a nose for business. With advanced age and plenty of coaching, she has broken out of her traditional stale Vindral mannerisms and truly embraced the persona of a successful, charismatic corporate leader.
Year of Birth
42 PC 75 Years old
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization

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Oo she sounds really interesting. I'm curious if the rumours about her artificial organs are true, but - even if they are - she's a fascinating lady.

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