Garik is a Perimeter district in the northwest Fusion City. Garik lies on a large hill, which makes the skyline visible from most of the city. Unfortunately Garik is less than charming, being a production district dominated by featureless manufacturing plants and a couple of hundred resiblocks.


Garik is brown, grey and black, smoggy and smelly. Like most production-focused districts, Garik is a dirty, grimy place dominated by utilitarian factory buildings, straight, dull streets and poor lighting. The smoggy air is tough to breathe and if you're not used to it, may make your eyes water from all the pollutants in the air. The atmospheric processors do an admirable job keeping this smog from spreading to the rest of the city, but in Garik itself, the smog is persistent.

It's easy to get lost in Garik thanks to the straight streets and anonymous, rectangular neighborhoods. The only chance to really navigate is to keep an eye on the towering resiblocks that are spotted throughout the districts. Usually the large Wololo ads on them function as decent landmarks.


Packed with industrial warehouses, production plants and resiblocks, Garik isn't a prime place to live for many people who have the means to have it better. Garik is populated mainly by class B3 and B4 citizens, most of them trying to rank up and land a better job closer to Downtown.

Available services

Public services are limited in Garik but thanks to most people being B3 and B4 citizens, taxi services are popular here, although the Interrail is fast for coreward transportation. There are plenty of servicable fast food joints that serve only the finest synthfood money can buy, or so they claim.

There are barely any medical or security services outside of corporate enclosures and people will generally remain inside these enclosures when working. Few people "walk the streets" of Garik, preferring to use taxi services or the Interrail over walking, thanks to the unpatrolled streets. Robberies and assaults are common.

Corporate interests

Thousands of corporations have manufacturing plants and storage warehouses all over Garik and transports fill the roads, making it a bit of a pain to get anywhere by car. Most transports are autonomous, running a pre-set route. Some of the corporations that have significant presence here are ThalCorp Industries and Boryx Engineering.

Approx 4.5 million
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