Fusion City: Politics

The government, what little there is, have barely any genuine power in Fusion City. Although taxation pays for parts of the city, a conglomerate of corporations own the city and its systems. Corporations run most public services like transportation, healthcare, police force, security, fire protection, etc. The government is in deep debt to these corporations and is little more than a puppet government working for the corporations.

While the corporations are interested in profits above all, they are not beyond performing the occasional philanthropic deed for some free marketing and providing excellent services to improve profits. There is one area where both the corporations and the governments have decided on a standoff position. Goons.

There is a delicate balance in Fusion City between the government, the megacorporations and the gangs of the city. The gangs cause problems for most citizens, including the corpies who hold important positions within corporations, but while the crime levels are at an all-time high, the goon gangs cause most issues for other goons.

When one gang grows too strong, they inevitably step on the toes and territories of other gangs who in turn band together to knock the first gang off the top of the hill, and so the city continues in a delicate balance. If any gang were to become far too powerful for other gangs to deal with, corporate security would wipe them out. No matter how many members or weapons a gang gets they can never match the resources of a mega-corp.

The two exceptions to this rule are the Goptah and the Zanga. Both gangs hold immense power in the city and the corporations are unwilling or even incapable of dealing with them properly.

The Zanga are mostly non-violent and do not get into wars with other gangs unless they have to, instead preferring to run semi-legitimate businesses around the city. Their operations are disruptive and can steal profits, but they are not enough of a nuisance to wipe out. They are also powerful, which would mean significant resources to take down legally.

The Goptah are a small gang in numbers, but hold the other gangs in check through sheer force. Chromies with access to high-tech weaponry is too dangerous to take on, even for a mega-corp. The Goptah do not concern themselves with gang warfare, and any gang stupid enough to take them on don‘t live to tell the story.

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