Fusion City: Corporations

The corporations are an unavoidable presence in Fusion City. They own everything and everyone. They have the money, the resources and the organization required to run everything. A corporation is a large part of a citizen's life. The corporation provides his health care, his education and his living space and even sometimes what they do in their spare time. There are no "public schools". If you don't have a job, your children most likely will not have an education.

Corporations can be divided into two categories: Major corporation (or mega-corps) and private firms.


The major corporations are vast conglomerates of hundreds of subsidiaries and sister companies. There are no multinational corporations in a world where nations no longer exist and the only known civilisation is in one city. The corporations therefore exist solely inside the city. There are between 30 and 50 megacorporations in the city and they all control up to 5 000 smaller corporations each.

The corporate structure is a huge, convoluted mess that is difficult to get any kind of grasp of. A citizen likely doesn't know what mega-corp employs him, as the mega-corps are these huge, nebulous entities that "run everything", but have no detectable influence over people's day-to-day life. Mega-corps own massive conglomerates and are built up of hundreds of subsidiaries that in turn own small corporations. But don't be fooled: If you work for a corporation, and it isn't a private firm, it's owned by a mega-corp.

Corporate Security

The security firms were initially just providing security for corporate installations, but with the lacking police force of the government, these security firms now function as actual police forces for corporations. They have the mandate to carry lethal weapons, perform arrests and investigations. In all accounts they are as much the police as the actual police, with one significant difference: These firms only work for the corporation's interests.

The corporate security forces combat industrial espionage, sabotage, theft or embezzling. If you as an employee require protection against street gangs in your resiblock, corporate security is there for you. If you believe that your shipments are being hijacked on the way, corporate security is there for you.

Private firms

Private firms are small companies commonly run by a single person or a family business. These companies are businesses that either refuse to get bought up and incorporated into a larger company, or those that have yet to have the opportunity to do so.

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