Fusion City

Fusion City is supposedly the crowning jewel of our civilization. A hundred million people, packed into a giant, multi-leveled monstrosity, shielded from the wastelands by a dome. A monument to our prosperity as a civilisation. Our salvation from the great wastelands.   Bull-fucking-shit! It's a trash heap ruled by gimmies, busy stepping on the heads of everyone else who's just trying to make a fucking living. The police is owned by the corporations and care nothing for us "normal people". Don't expect any justice here. Fight for your own freedom and success!

Fusion City is as far as we know the only megacity to have survived The Cataclysm. It is a gigantic, multi-leveled megacity housed in the western wastelands in the area known as the Akelan Wastes. It is one of several megacities built, but the first to run solely on fusion power. This alternative energy form is the sole reason the city survived the end of the world. Since it didn't rely on shadow power the Cataclysm had no conduit into the city, allowing the dome to protect most of it.

The society of Fusion City has shifted towards authoritarianism and has become a strict surveillance society following the events of the Cataclysm.

The only survivors

87 years after construction on the dome was done the Cataclysm destroyed most of the world outside of the city. The world outside burned in infernal flame and became an irradiated, toxic wasteland over the course of one cataclysmic hour. As far as the citizens know, Fusion City is the only megacity to have survived the Cataclysm. Since Fusion City had no shadow plants to weaken the Veil and channel shadow energy into it, the city was largely safe from the destruction and protected from most of it by the massive dome and perimeter wall. In the weeks following the Cataclysm, the government sent out several expeditions to determine the fate of other megacities, but they have found nothing but blasted ruins.

It is a degenerate pile of corruption, corporate oppression and poverty. The corporations rule the populace and what little government there is have to rely on corporations to run basic services such as fire protection, police force and medical services. The corporations own everything and everyone. Poverty and drug use is rampant among the poorer population and criminal gangs control some areas of the city entirely.

Corporate police forces supplement the government police force in certain areas of the city, providing more security and keeping the gangs at bay. Outside of these "safe havens" the governmental police force don't have adequate resources to combat the criminal elements. While they are well equipped, efficient and brutal, their meager numbers and low salary make the police officers far too easily swayed by bribes and prone to brutal violence over proper protocol.


The modern day Fusion City is a metropolis of staggering proportions and house around a hundred million people on its two habitable levels. The subterranean level hold the fusion power plants, massive atmosphere processors, sewage and hydroponics plants to support the vast population.

The dome is a controlled environment with massive atmospheric processors that purify the air and make it breathable. Despite this, the vast amount of smog generated by the city's tens of thousands of industries mean that while the air is clean, the vision distance isn't long before it all gets consumed in a perpetual smog.


Fusion City was not built from scratch but instead expanded from the original metropolis of D'jatlha in the Morvátian Peninsula. It was planned, designed and built to house 30 districts, each meant to fulfill a specific purpose.

With how the city has developed since its construction, three distinct zones of districts have taken shape. You have the Perimeter districts in the outskirts that are generally of lower class and maintenance, the Downtown districts near the center that are high class and affluent, with the rest of the districts ending up somewhere inbetween the two.


There are over 100 million registered citizens of Fusion City and likely another 5 to 10 million non-registered ones. It is a melting pot of people, social classes and species. Every citizen of Fusion City is a member of one of following species:


The government, what little there is, have barely any genuine power in Fusion City. Although taxation pays for parts of the city, a conglomerate of corporations own the city and its systems. Corporations run most public services like transportation, healthcare, police force, security, fire protection, basic education etc. The government is in deep debt to these corporations and is little more than a puppet government working for the corporations.

There are also several powerful organizations vying for politial power in the city. Some of these are religious, others criminal.


A corporation is a large part of a citizen's life. The corporation provides his health care, his education and his living space and even sometimes what they do in their spare time. There are no "public schools". If you don't have a job, your children most likely will not have an education.

The major corporations are vast conglomerates of hundreds of subsidiaries and sister companies. There are no multinational corporations in a world where nations no longer exist and the only known civilisation is in one city. The corporations therefore exist solely inside the city. There are between 30 and 50 megacorporations in the city and they all control up to 5 000 smaller corporations each.

Everyday life in Fusion City

People sometimes describe Fusion City as the "City where dreams come true" and it's not far from the truth. Corporate oppression is ever present, crime and poverty is rampant, but a person with the proper motivation and drive can really build a life of their dreams in the city. There are few limits on what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.


In such a stressful environment, the citizens of Fusion City value their downtime and the city reflects this. There are thousands of establishments devoted to fulfilling every need imaginable, both legal and illegal. Some examples of popular pass-times:

  • Arcades
  • Brothels
  • Night clubs
  • Price fighting
  • Sensomats
  • Street races
  • Virtual cinema


There are hundreds of thousands of different jobs to hold in Fusion City, even some that require you to leave the safety of the world dome and travel to The Abyss. Here's a list of common professions and their salaries:

  • City Police Officer (1500 credits / month)
  • Cleaner (~500 credits / month)
  • Corporate Security (2500-4000 credits / month)
  • Cybertech surgeon (2600 credits / month)
  • Journalist (500-1500 credits / month)
  • Mechanic (1000-3000 credits / month)
  • Mining worker (1600 credits / month)
  • Off world worker (5000-7500 credits / month)
  • Office clerk (1100-2000 credits / month)
  • Physician (1800 credits / month)
  • School teacher (~1100 credits / month)
  • Shadowmark installation worker (3000 credits / month)
  • Store clerk (~900 credits / month)
  • Technician (1400 credits / month)
  • University teacher (~3000 credits / month)
  • Waiter (~900 credits / month)


There is no social security net for the unemployed. At some corporations there is a short coverage after you have been let go. Living as unemployed in Fusion City is a tough life. You have to make your living on criminal activities, day-to-day employment, mercenary work or as a beggar. Worst case scenario you are both homeless and unemployed, in which case you have to sleep in abandoned buildings, on the streets or wherever you can find comfort for the night and live off of the trash littering the streets.

Communication and The Web

The Web is an insanely complex network with lightning fast transfer speeds that interconnects the entire city. Almost everything connects to the Web. Some people even connect their appliances and individual lights in their homes to the Web so they can be remotely controlled. Nothing says comfort like sitting in your sofa and dimming the lights without even having to reach a lightswitch, and then ordering your servodroid to make you a sandwich.

The Web is rigorously segmented into public and private areas, with the private areas being corporate networks behind powerful firewalls. That doesn't stop the occasional hacker from trying to make their way into these areas, and the vast majority of industry espionage and theft is done on the Web, but usually through physical access to the Web from within the corporation's terminals.

The Web is accessed via public terminals, home terminals or personal communicators (PersoComs). Some fortunate people have a neural cybernetic interface that allows them to link up to a terminal and access the Web directly with their mind. Their perception of the world becomes the Web and they interact with it as if they were physically in the cyberspace of the Web. Some people turn this experience into a profession, called Cyberrunners.


Drugs are commonplace in Fusion City. In the stressful daily tempo of the city there are plenty of tranquilizers and anti-depressive drugs needed to make life decent. Most drugs are regulated in one form or another, but there are plenty of chemical substances on the market that can produce all kinds of interesting effects on the mind of its users.

Modern sensotech "drugs" are non-chemical, neural stimulators that directly affect the brain of the users. These are highly addictive but leave no lasting harm on the body, unlike chemical substances. Unfortunately for most, they are also prohibitively expensive.

Some corporations require some of their employees to regularly take mental stimulants to keep them at peak performance. In these cases, the corporations themselves supply or pay for the drugs.

Money and business

There is barely any physical currency in circulation in the city. It's an archaic concept and virtually all transactions are done securely via the Web. Transactions are done via a Credit Chips, which are nanoscale circuits with a sophisticated security system on it. These small circuits can be incorporated into the PersoCom or implanted under the skin, on a card, a watch, on some jewelry or wherever the user sees fit. They work through near-field communication technology and payments are done by moving the chip close to the transactor (a device designed to handle transactions). The majority of transactors are registered, legitimate transactors and are run by businesses. They pay a fee to have their transactor audited and cleared, allowing people to pay without prior clearance of the transaction.


  • Fusion City Districts
    A map of the Fusion City Central districts.
Alternative Name(s)
SEMAH-12 (Self-Sustained Environment Metropolitan Arched Habitat 12)
Approx. 100 million registered citizens
Related Ethnicities
Inhabitant Demonym
Domedwellers (derogatory)
Location under
Owning Organization
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Level Overview
Level 1 (Vault of Life): Subterranean. Maintenance.
Level 2 (Central): Ground level. Sprawling metropolis.
Level 3 (Vault of Heaven): Luxury districts, commercial hub.

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The city built upon the existing metropolis of D’jatlha in the western peninsula of the world, then known as the Fields of Irdar, taking 25 years to complete the two additional levels. It has three levels and stretches for miles in every direction. The immense dome that covers the city was meant to protect the city from the elements and contain the city’s heavily regulated atmosphere, but now it also protects the city from the toxic atmosphere of the Shadowmark.

The city had significant marketing and was described the world over as “a paradise”. Millions of people moved to the city even as construction was underway. Overcrowding, unemployment, poverty and rising crime levels ran rampant, but despite this people saw it as the city of dreams, where you could achieve anything if you worked hard enough. The people kept coming.

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