Cyberweave is a textile, derived from thermoplane, with interwoven circuitry, WoLOLO and other reactive materials to make the weave able to change color, luminance, stiffness and shape according to input signals from a control board.

Cyberweave is extraordinarily popular among street goons to show off gang membership and other achievements. With its cheap manufacturing process, cyberweave has become a staple of modern, expressive clothing.


Cyberweave is a development of an old technology known as "memory cloth". A type of material that was soft and flexible until you put a current through it. It would then stiffen up and assume a pre-programmed shape. Cyberweave took this several steps further, allowing the cloth to alter other properties, such as rigidity, surface friction, color and other things. With the invention of WoLOLO, Cyberweave also became capable of emitting colored light.


Cyberweave is used to enhance clothing. Commonly used on sleeves or collars to emit a colored light, or add logos, texts or images to clothing on the fly. Cyberweave is so cheap that most articles of clothing have some cyberweave in it somewhere so you can display your uniqueness in public.


Making cyberweave is relatively easy, but depending on how it is manufactured and how it is used in the particular piece of clothing, its flexibility and use varies. Most companies that make cyberweave clothing only include limited amounts of cyberweave, commonly on collars and sleeves. Some articles of clothing are made entirely of cyberweave and while these are significantly more expensive than a cloth variant, they are still cheap enough for a a common citizen to be able to afford them.

Few people carry such ostentatious and eccentric clothing, however and it has become a bit of a "marker" for being goon, as goons regularly display their prowess with cyberweave and neon-tattoos.

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