Canbus is a high-tech production district in Fusion City, situated in the eastern border between what is considered downtown and perimeter. Countless corporations have their high-tech production facilities here and the vast majority of workers are either computer engineers, robot operators or robots.

Robot Utopia

If you didn't know better, Canbus might look like a great place to live. It's bright, it's colorful and the streets are kept relatively clean. However, it is one of the most sparsely populated districts in the entirety of Fusion City and is one of few districts where the robotic population (depending on your definitition of robot) outnumbers the organic population. Even certain functions and professions that might be held by organics in other districts are relegated to robots in Canbus.

The reason for this could almost be described as a meme. Canbus was always laid out and designed as a high-tech production district, but it was not designed with robots in mind. Ideally, a lot of very smart and very educated people were supposed to work here, but with so many corporations setting up robotic production lines of robots making robots, it became known as the "Promised Land of Robots".

One thing led to another and everyone started embracing this "Robot Utopia", shifting everything more towards roboticism. Fast food vendors, police forces, clerks and even greeters can be found as robots in Canbus. All carefully operated and monitored by their owning companies, of course, and some are clearly faux robots that are little more than remote-controlled gimmicks under direct control of an actual person, but it's all in good fun to uphold the image of "Robot Utopia".

The Goptah

The biggest stain on Canbus' reputation is that it's the supposed headquarters of the high-tech Goptah cyborg gang. What better place to station your operations when all you strive for is being the perfect blend of organic and machine?

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