Brok Borgo

Doctor Brok Borgo

Brok Borgo is a nuclear engineer, working at ThalCorp Enterprises' subsidiary, ThalCorp Industries. He is the designer of the NPP-2160 nuclear system.  

Character Introduction

You are the nuclear specialist at ThalCorp. That’s not an exaggeration. You really are the technician. You designed the NPP-2160 Nuclear Reactor that fuels almost every single remote underwater base that ThalCorp has put up. There’s only a few that runs an older, outdated model that was built before you started working here.   As a specialist your job is to oversee development of the NPP-2160 system and future models, as well as provide technical expertise and support to engineers on site. It also involves monitoring and checkups of reactors, so a lot of the time, you’re actually out in the Abyss, checking reactors.   Late one night, your comm station blares loudly at you, indicating that you have received a high priority message.  
You are required for an important mission regarding one of ThalCorps’ mining bases. You are to report to ThalCorp Tower within an hour. For security reasons, more information will be provided on-site.
— Javin Þal, CEO ThalCorp Industries
  That sounds important. And ominous. Could be a critical problem with a reactor. You climb out of bed, throw some relatively decent clothes on and get a cab.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Credit Chip
Pale blue shirt.
Beige chinos.
Polished brown leather boots.

Specialized Equipment

Electronic Toolkit
NPP-2160 manual (written by you)
Keycard (ThalCorp)
Geiger counter

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Prior to working at ThalCorp you were an intern at the Level 1 Fusion plants. Level 1 is the subterranean level, in the really crummy industrial areas and you’re hella glad to be out of there. Working at ThalCorp is like being in heaven by comparison.   You’re a close friend of Astú Heseti, the newly recruited mechanical engineer. Fact is that you were the one to pull the strings to get him hired. He doesn’t know this, and you’d prefer it to remain that way.   You’ve been friends for a long time and even though he’s a very close friend of yours you can’t help but feel that his gambling addiction has a stronger hold on him than your friendship. You did loan him a substantial amount of money to save him getting clobbered by some goons a few years back, but you suspect that his luck hasn’t turned, and you’re not sure how to help him.  


Father, B'tor Borgo, official at ThalCorp Enterprises.
Mother, Grilka Borgo, desk job at a ThalCorp subsidiary.

Personality Characteristics


Is content with life and enjoys his work. Lives a little "day by day".


Contacts & Relations

Astú Heseti, friend and colleague


Friendly. Likes to joke around. Sometimes somewhat socially "clumbsy" and might step over the line with a joke here and there. Will generally apologize profusely. Never means to harm or hurt anyone. Protective archetype.
Current Location
Year of Birth
75 PC 42 Years old
Fusion City, District 6
Current Residence
Fusion City, District 9
Presented Sex
Grayish white
185 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Have you heard of the NPP-2160 system? I designed it."
Aligned Organization
Related Plots
Body features
Greyish white fur, green eyes. Always well groomed.
Right handed.
  Physical condition
Average physique.
  Employment and education
Nuclear technician and designer at ThalCorp Industries.
Several university diplomas and a doctorate in nuclear physics.
  RPG Traits
Astute +3
Claustrophobia -2
Butterfingers -2
Socially Inept -1
Hawkeye (Cybernetic) +3
  RPG Skills
Acrobatics +3
Swimming +3
Fishing +3
First aid +4
Cybertech repair +4
Hydrotech +5
Nuclear tech +6
Perception +4
  Combat skills
Brawl +2

Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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