Aslan M'pok

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Pontiff Aslan M'pok (a.k.a. The Sovereign)

Pontiff M'pok is an imposing figure. Kuna in general are tall, but the pontiff is tall even for his species. With the kuna's natural charisma and a silver tongue, he leads the Children of the Cataclysm. He is their guide, their prophet and their messiah. To people outside the Children's embrace, he is a controversial individual with extreme opinions and a shady past.

He is well known for his rousing speeches, magnetic personality and in spite of his controversial persona, he is considered one of the modern age's greast speakers and philosophers, although most perhaps don't agree with his ideas in full.

Philosophical ideas

Aslan is a transorganist who believes cybernetics to be the path to salvation for people. Transorganists believe that the only way to ascend as a species is through mechanical perfection; the perfect blend of person and machine.

Aslan is also a traditionalist that believes in the gods of the old world. He believes in the ancient writings, that describe the gods as ever present in the physical world, and that through diligent worship and service the gods can be brought back to the world. Aslan means that the Cataclysm was the god's punishment for the usage of shadow power. He preaches that only through returning to the old ways, the old traditions and serving the gods by living according to their tenets, can the world be restored. But that is not enough. The Kykr must also redeem themselves in the eyes of the gods by becoming better. The only way for this betterment to take place is for the Kykr to ascend as physical beings through technological marvel; cybernetics.


Mr M'pok has gained untold wealth through his organization, the Children of the Cataclysm. The donations to the church from both members and others alike have gained him great financial power and he holds absolute dominion over the Children. He is incredibly charismatic, driven and an engaging speaker. When he speaks, people listen and get moved by his words, regardless of if they believe them or not. In philosophical debates he regularly turns his opponents to mincemeat, verbally. Experts claim that had it not been for Aslan, the Children would not have a quarter as many members.

However, he is not without criticism. Journalists who have investigated the close-knit society that is the Children have described it as a cult and speak of an idol worship where Aslan is seen as a sort of messiah and his word is that of the gods. He has peculiar habits, regularly stays out of contact with anyone not of the highest ranks of the church, except when speaking to the congregation. No member below the inner sanctum of the Children claim to have ever spoken to Aslan in person.

Personal history

Aslan is a private person and shares very little about himself. For this reason, little is known about his past beyond that he is an orphan who lived in Tlhasa Downs at least in his teenage years. He joined the Children in 76 PC and was an acolyte for several years before becoming an adept. In 86 PC the Children was still a relatively small organization of religious fanatics and had little in the ways of leadership, goals or guidance. Aslan, however, had a vision. A vision of a unified Kykr, proving their worth and repenting of their past missdeeds and heralding the return of the gods.

At one of their meetings, Aslan took to the stage to tell the others of his vision. His natural charisma and infectious fervor swayed the masses and not only did they now share in his vision, he had become the de facto, albeit still inofficial, leader.

Cult of Personality

Aslan has now been the leader, Pontiff, of the Children for over 30 years and his popularity has not stopped growing. The Children see him as their one, true savior. The only one with the "vision". Even though he himself does not promote himself as a divine being or a prophet, the Children see him as such. They follow him with blind devotion and his every word is law.

He is a private man who shares little about himself and interacts even less with anyone but the Cardinals of the Inner Sanctum. Only they know of his visions, dreams and plans. He often speaks of his vision and great plan for world unity in his speeches, but few beyond the Inner Sancum actually know what that plan might entail.


While he is a private individual, what can be seen of him in public and in interviews is a warm, thoughtful and charismatic individual. He speaks with a low, barytone rumble that makes you feel safe and welcome. He knows how to dress his words to great emotional effect and he is never confrontational, nor aggressive even though he might be critical or direct.

Current Location
Year of Birth
62 PC 55 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization

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