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Celenia is a tabletop roleplaying game universe with a number of games/settings in it, most taking place on the world of Dunia, a firmament flatworld floating in an endless abyss of water. Celenia, as a tabletop setting, has been in development for over 18 years, primarily in the shape of Celenia: Dark Shadows, a dark fantasy setting with folklore-like magic and mystery.   Celenia: Cinders of the Cataclysm (CotC) is a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk sci-fantasy table-top roleplaying game set in the same world as Dark Shadows, only in a near-future setting. CotC uses the narratively focused CD10 RPG system.  

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Dunia - The World
Dark Shadows - The Prequel to Cinders of the Cataclysm
Celenia D10 RPG System - CD10 Systems Reference

To get a quick start into CotC, the Comprehensive Guide to Cinders of the Cataclysm will help you find your footing quickly!
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They say that the gods used to watch over us and the world was a peaceful and prosperous place. They say it used to be green and full of life, until we turned our backs on the gods and "embraced the Shadow", whatever that means. The Cataclysm scorched and scarred our world. In one gigantic, apocalyptic event everything we knew was turned into a barren, toxic wasteland. In the blink of an eye, there were suddenly no more nations, varying cultures or languages. All of it, wiped out in searing fire.   On top of the shitpile that is this world is Fusion City, the single surviving spec of civilization. A monument to our greatness as a civilization. It's a trash heap full of opportunistic, greedy people clawing their way to the top of the food chain just so they can stomp on others.   I say it's fucking bullshit. There are no gods and if there ever were, they abandoned us. So fuck 'em! I'm just trying to survive and fight against the tide to make the world a better place for everyone.

In a world without humans, five races form the remnants of civilisation, devastated by a cataclysmic disaster. Most live inside Fusion City, a domed megacity, climbing on top of each other to reach the top of the societal ladder. The city is a web of intrigue and corporate oppression where the wealthy live off of the backs of the poor, who struggle to survive midst this abundance.

Outside the city in the barren wasteland a few scattered settlements harbor the few survivors of the Cataclysm, those that did not have the luxury of living in the protected city. Mutants toil to earn their value under the elitist non-mutated survivors, tensions rising day by day as raider attacks become a growing problem.

What will you be in this world of wonder? A Kuna investigative journalist, working to uncover the latest corporate atrocity? A Dru'un street-goon fighting for his gang? An Illim police officer struggling with meager pay and an overwhelming crime rate? Or perhaps a Vindral wasteland wanderer, seeking the freedom to live as you please?

In Celenia: Cinders of the Cataclysm, you choose what and who you want to be. The adventure awaits!

June Announcement
Announcement: 29 June 2020

June is past and so is my vacation. Next up: July! Focus for July, as I'm not participating in Summercamp, is getting the character sheet bug free and ready for use. Then onto porting modules to CD10 Advanced!
Celenia now has a unified place to access all the things with the url: For now, it points to Cinders of the Cataclysm, as that is the primary site.   As always, I'll be livestreaming large parts of my efforts and if you haven't yet, drop by the streams (link below) and spend time with wonderful people in chat and have your questions about worldbuilding, game development, conlangs or roleplaying answered!  
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As always, if you want to delve into the world of Dark Shadows or Cinders of the Cataclysm, head over to my Patreon Page to get deep-dive access private articles or even access to the ruleset so you can start playing in addition to a multitude of other rewards!   You can follow Celenia on Twitter, join the official Beyond Reality Discord server as well as me on where I share the worldbuilding and RPG-designing openly with you all every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 PM UTC.

A one-shot adventure played in this world is available below, courtecy of the team behind How to be a Great GM's series, "Adventures of the Windswift". The adventure uses the CD10 system, developed by me.

CD10 and Cinders of the Cataclysm is in development and to get access to the settings or playtest the system, head over to

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