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Hammer's Smithery

When the Holy Land fell into existence Hammer the Blacksmith and his shop also became part of the city. He didn't arrive alone however, his brother Stitch arrived with him, for they bound together not just as brothers, but twins.  

The Shop

From the outside, one might think this is just yet another blacksmith shop, and from the outside they would be right. From the inside however, this is no ordinary shop. The door, made of wood on the outside is in fact a large vault door. The air is clean, fresh, and not filled with ash of any kind. The floor, solid and smooth, yet plenty of grip to prevent you from slipping if you ever needed to stand your ground in a fight. The walls and cealing appear to be made of stone, and there are no windows in sight. The room is dim, but certainly lit by more than the forge itself, yet when one looks around there are no lights or candles of any kind.  

The Forge

There are actually two forges along the north wall. One appears to look like a giant furncase, its door shut, hiding what is kept within, the light coming from the furnace door lets you know its burning. The second forge is what appears to be a typical coal forge, excpt that this one is also always lit even if nobody is keeping it burning.  

The Wares

Along the south wall as you walk in from the east entrace, is a wall display, full of weapons held in typical weapon racks. There is nothing special about these, they all appear to be generic weapons made by any ordinary blacksmith, these are nothing a true adventurer would want unless one was starting out, or you wanted to equip some pesants with weapons.   The Glass display case and counter along the west wall, is what sparks interest to those who come. Weapons, made of various wepaons, some imbued with magical properties. Some armor hangs on the back wall, along with a strange animal head like a dear, but who's antlers appear to be glowing and giving off a cool blue light.
Craftsman, Blacksmith / Smithy
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