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Not all of a realm is destroyed, sometimes parts of it fall into another-- but mostly, people find themselves in a new realm, in a new world, and have to take a whole different approach to their lives.    


While Realmwalkers are quite common to Auriga seeing as the world is a Waypoint, it has become even more difficult ever since the end of the Brink to travel in between worlds except during the end of the th year after the previous cycle where the Veil is thin between worlds allowing for more planar portals to be opened.]"Rift Cycle".   The more well-known Realmwalkers in the world now are: ⦿ The Rasa
⦿ The Enchanted
⦿ The Lukáōn
⦿ The C'est ⦿ The United Realm Citizens  

Aurigan Effects

Each species reacts differently once they step foot into the realm. However, one thing that remains the same is that each species lives longer once they step foot onto Aurigan land. While they do not immediately age once they return to their own world regardless of how long they lived in Auriga, if they were to return to their world after a prolonged stay they would feel time move differently and it would be hard to re-acclimate.   Food may also taste differently to Realmwalkers and could be a shock to their system that could lead to deterioration. This was seen during the Wayfinders Campaign with Vasya's thornwolf animal companion, Terra, who got sick and began to grow dry, brown, and withering fur as his body began rejecting the food over time. This was countered by a seasoning mix added to his food created by the Kasari who were quite familiar with Realmwalker dietary needs especially for animals as they reacted the strongest as opposed to humans. The spice/seasoning they had made was derived from plants they had cultivated that came from other worlds which through druidic magic and deific guidance, they had come to understand.

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