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The Enchanted

"They are mortals of another realm that have come to ours for refuge. Now, while they look like us, magic doesn't touch them the same way nor does time itself."
— A Lesson of Realmwalkers
As a people, the Enchanted were those that traveled through the rifts into the realm of Auriga. While it is unknown whether or not the first Enchanted purposefully made this journey, the remaining Enchanted that traveled through the portal decades ago surely did as they had run away from the "void" that had devoured their world completely.  


In the northern content, thousands of years ago, the first Enchanted stepped foot into an empty land with only two others, a young drake from his world and another sentient animal companion. They explored the new territory and once they deemed an area was safe and far from prying eyes, the Enchanted planted a seed and infused it with his magic. The drake in turn did the same and so did the animal companion. Hoping that the seed would take root in the new land, the three ventured back home.   Centuries later, the next portal opened by accident and the remnants of a small town escaping a tragedy fell through and at the base of the tree. Realizing that they were somewhere new and with no way to get back home, they stuck close to where they had fallen in hopes that someone could possibly find them and as the tree looked exactly like the majestic trees in the largest cities where the mages resided. They had hoped that whoever its caretaker was would come back and guide them home. Sadly, this group found themselves stranded for years in the world of Auriga and with time, they gave up hope of returning home. Over the years, their ventures into the world were fairly close, enough to encounter trade and other towns miles away. However, once they realized there was no one returning to the tree, they packed up whatever they had and ventured south to live amongst the other peoples of the world.   As the centuries passed leading up to the current age of Mage Fall, more people came through, settling down and even building a small town with most members dispersing into the world to establish other small communities elsewhere.   However, portal activity ceased around the tree five decades ago. When the rifts were weaker in Auriga, the last of the Enchanted would step through the rifts and no more would ever be seen.  

The Last of the Enchanted

Due to the Void that had come to devour their world, many inhabitants of the Enchanted world escaped through rifts into the city of Sundrí and settled there. While others found their purpose and meaning in their new world, others followed Enchanted that had ventured further. One such popular path of an Enchanted would lead into the Kingdom of Arvanoc, where one prominent mage of Sundrí, Kyara Enchantran, established the first Sanctums as well as the different orders that served it.   Evelynn Swan was actually one of the last Enchanted to step through the portals nearly a century ago and was one of the few who had forgotten a lot of her past as she had very close contact with the void-like entities during her escape.  

The Tree of Light and Shadow

In the center of the Sindar Grove is a giant white tree that stands high above the surrounding wood in the very middle for all to see and admire from the walls and heights of Sundrí.   Though it is not an deity itself, the "Tree of Light and Shadow"- as it is known to the rest of the world- is worshipped in similar ways like the deities of Auriga are by its people. Offerings of tokens made by craftsmen, crops grown either by magic or time, and other such gifts are left at the Keeper's Gate before the people journey further to pay their respects and reflect in the heart of the grove.   Viewed as a monument of otherworldly magic and the last anchor to their lost world that the Enchanted possess, the tree is renowned in arcanic circles for the marvels that are the "Amulets of the Enchanted"-- petrified wooden amulets the color of obsidian carried by many mages of Sundrí and the Sanctum casters.

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