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The Quest for the Eye of the Absolute

Thousands of cycles ago, when a violent tsunami caused by the shifting of the magnetic poles tore the purple stone from the Primordial Dragoness' forehead - the Mother of the Ultarië - and the planet went through a period of instability in every field of existence, fights started among the tribes of Water that severely put in danger the administrative and spiritual balance of the oceanic regions.   The Eye of the Absolute, as the Dragoness' stone was known, made its wearer omniscient and able to control the Elements. The Eye was once part of the biomechanical brain of an Iluvynär. It remained embedded in its frontal skull when it evolved into the first Ultarië.   After the loss of the Eye of the Absolute, the Mother of the Ultarië, who had lived almost a thousand cycles, aged and died. Since then the great sea dragons retreated into the depths of the ocean. If you are lucky, you may happen to see them in the Blue Pit, at the Time of Births which happens every 99 cycles. But it is really rare.   As the news spread among the tribes, ravaged by the cataclysms following the poles shift, the Oracles prophesied the advent of a new civilization which would rule Water for millennia to come with the help of the power of the Eye. As each tribe aspired to be the creator of the new era, a Quest was established and Champions - the Heroes and Sheros - were elected to face it. Their adventures are known as the Quest Cycles, and are contained in one of the nine Manuscripts of Life.   Legend tells that, after thousands of adventures, two seekers - the Shero Yuna and the Hero Beogan - found the place where the stone was hidden. An Ancient Oracle had been keeping it for all those cycles inside the gigantic empty shell of a turreted shell, waiting for the Quest winner. The Oracle proposed challenges to the two seekers as to determine who deserved to get the Eye. But no matter how many tests Yuna and Beogan faced, neither of them was able to prevail over the other. With no more challenges to propose, the Oracle decided that the stone would go to both. But when their hands touched it, the Eye of the Absolute broke into three parts. One was given to Yuna's people, one to Beogan's and the third stayed with the Ancient Oracle, so that the balance of power between the tribes could be maintained.   During the Quest, the Shero and the Hero had come to know each other well and had formed a deep bond. From their union many sons and daughters were born and became the founders of the Ohanou tribes, which took the place of the previous civilization, almost extinct after cycles of feuds.


Known all over (M)otherworld
Date of Setting
Around 1000 AI

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