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Most of the inhabitants of (M)otherworld are peaceful and vegetarian. Societies are mainly matrilineal and focused on cooperation and the circular economy, a legacy of the genetic inheritance and ancestral memories of the Iluvynär, the progenitors of all human and animal species of (M)otherworld. In general, only the Persekan, the Ohanou and the Vrakülei feed also on small animals such as fish, molluscs, reptiles and birds, but exclusively on the occasion of ritual ceremonies. Although they have a peaceful ancestral imprinting, the inhabitants of (M)otherworld are nevertheless not alien to criminal behavior. This is considered by the people a real deviance, due to some curse of the gods and, for this reason, seriously worrying. Perpetrators are usually punished by being expelled to places unsuitable for human life. In the areas bordering Vastness for the inhabitants of Water and in those of the Swamp of Disease for the ones from Earth, places where it is difficult to survive and you are at the mercy of monstrous lethal creatures. According to scientists, when the Iluvynär began to mutate and create all animal, semi-human and human species, some defective genetic information was somehow passed on to some individuals who, over time, transferred it to their progeny, giving life to subjects affected by mental illnesses and deviations or physical impairments, which popular superstition believes to be a divine punishment. The category considered the most horrible is that of murderers - violent subjects motivated by bloodlust and the suffering of others - because it violates the First Rule of (M)otherworld: NEVER PUT AN END TO THE LIFE OF YOUR LIKE. This rule, with rare ritual exceptions that provide for compassionate sacrifices, also applies to the animal world, because all the inhabitants of the planet are aware of the fact that they are all descendants of the Iluvynär and, in fact, part of a single family. While plans have been proposed to try to recover criminals and send them back to their communities, none of them have currently been successful, thus making confinement the only possible solution.

Transmission & Vectors



Defective genetic information


No successful treatment
Chronic, Congenital

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