DurEvaliir Galanodel-Hrayek

Duchess Lasondra Galanodle (a.k.a. The Silent Hawker)


Born in the Elven capital Sunlara Her birth mother an elven princess was drunk and forced her father the princess shadow knight to bed her. Soon the princess found she was pregnant and had the child. First she was excited for the birth and was happy about the child planing on it being a boy. Though fate would have it the baby was a girl. In anger she ordered all that where involved in the birth be killed. Still blaming the child for being a girl the princess didn’t bother to name her ,she would often lock the child away and abuse her. She learned early on that in order to survive she had to become a ghost blending in with her soundings. As she would sneak around the palace she taught herself how to read and wright, listening to the scorers and teachers that came to the palace she learned of the old ways and the corruption that shattered the once peaceful and rich society. The child learned that the corrupt and powerful ruled stepping on anyone to get what they wanted.   Once the child was 50 years old (not knowing the child was his) her father found her, after she freed many people wrongfully captured and imprisoned. When seeing her talent he began teaching the young one how to move and fight like a shadow night. After many years of teaching her, her talents became a popular topic among the shadow knights, often getting tested about how her and her teacher (father) looked alike. The princess discovers that the father and the child knows each other, and exiles them giving them the last name Hrayek. With this turn of events her relies that the child is his she is given the name Dur Evaliir Olin Cormanthor Galanodel.   They moved to Dawnroar which resides on the border of the kingdom By being given the last name of exile they where often beten and starved no one wanted to buy or sell to them leaving them with no way to get money, food, clothing or shelter. She learned to disguise her self to earn money as a highered hand, leading her skills to grow exponentially When she was not working or needing a place to go, she would often disguise herself as human and sneak to the near by settlement of Meadowridge there she meat many that warlcomed her with open arms, something she hadn’t experienced from her own race One night the father dater pare found themselves sounded by the shadow knights that they knew in the palace there in the night they fought the father knowing that they where at a disadvantage tooled her to flee she refused, her father bagged her promis to run and not look. With a hevey hart she did she ran till she reached the edge of Meadowridge where she collapse.


Years later she lives peaceful at Lasondra‘s Homestead a place she made for herself in Meadowridge  

One For The People

War came to the land with the place she was born  

As Time Moves

Lasondra lives on a homestead outside of the town of Meadowridge in the King’s Vow Forest. Known for her mature nature, and many talents; Lasondra is seen as a talented young human. She visits the town once a week to sell food, herds, and items she has made. As well as buy things she needs for that week and help out around the town.     Lasondra as many know her as, is a well versed, sophisticated young woman. She lives a quiet life in the forest outside of town, where she grows her own foods and herds. Only few know her true identity as The Silent Hawker, an elf that hunts criminals and corrupted people of power, with her pet hawk Silentlight

Wealth & Financial state

She is quite wealthy but she doesn’t live like it living alone on her small homestead in the forest. She has been bestowed a title and land she controls her land from a distance and behind the scenes.
Current Location
When people ask where she is from she vaguely answers King’s Vow Forest
Current Residence
Now she lives on the edge of King’s Vow Forest just outside of Meadowridge.
Biological Sex
Royal Purple
Long, Thick, Black.
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Behind The Name

Full Elven Name Dur Evaliir Olin Cormanthor Galanodel Hrayek
Full Human Name Lasondra Galanodle
Hero Name The Silent Hawker   Lasondra is a loyal, amusing, sympathetic, outgoing, nice, detailed, realistic and adaptable person.
The Silent Hawker got her name from the pet hawk she keeps and the way she is completely silent until you see her but by then it is to late.
Dur Evaliir her Elven birth name meaning Twilight Song.
Olin Elven word for Secret.
Cormanthor an Elven word be pending on how it is pronounced bepends on its meaning
  • (KOR-manth-or) Ruler of the Forest True
  • (kor-MANTH-or) Place of Great Promise
  • (kor-month-OR) The King’s Vow Forest.
Galandel the Elven last name meaning moon whisper. This is the only part of her Elven name she keeps and uses on a daily braces.
Hrayek elvin word Cut off/ Exile last name given to those Caste out of the Elven lands.


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