Mice became a rare commodity in Marro, even before the plague; doctors had realized that mice teeth seemingly keep growing throughout their lives. This power was harnessed by doctors into a common cure for toothache: mousepaste. Doctors were convinced that applying a paste of dead mouse to one's aching teeth for one to three days cures the teeth pain.


While the doctors tried to keep the recipe for the paste a secret, plenty of people in the streets tried to imitate and develop their own pastes.   When dealing with persistent cases of toothache, doctors often suspect their patients to be using mousepaste bought in the streets, rather than the one they sell.
Use this whenever the toothaches, and before three days, your ache will be gone!   Make sure you use it on both sides of your tooth.
Skin the mouse.
You may discard the skin and the claws of the mouse.   Remove the meat from the bones.
Remove the teeth from the skull.
  Chop the meat finely, until it becomes a paste.
Grind the teeth into a powder.   Mix the teeth powder with the paste.
Does it really work?
While doctors firmly believe in this method, the evidence suggests the contrary. The tendency of people to bury their teeth once they have lost it, in fact, may be what ends up relieving people of their pains.   For these buried teeth often result in tooth fairies springing up and raiding the town, collecting either the most hideous teeth or the best preserved. Thus, tooth fairies often end up extracting those teeth from the terrified villagers during their raids, which, turns out, actually does relieve toothache.

Story hooks

During the plague the tooth fairies ceased to be a problem. By the last years, no one had the energy or mind to bury a teeth they lost. And the tooth fairies themselves were too scared of the plague to go anywhere near to a human settlement. But now that Marro seems to be free of plague cases, the tooth fairies are eager to come back and collect a whole bunch of teeth.
There is one cleric in town who is convinced mousepaste did nothing to improve the toothaches people had. It may have in fact made them worse! They also suspect that the unusual frequency Marro suffers from tooth fairies may have to do with the prevalence of toothache. They are willing to sponsor an expedition into the First World to investigate these fairies.

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Author's Notes

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