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Rainbow powder

Any gnome can pretend to live the fullest of lives with the aid of this substance...

A somewhat costly dye sold around The Cloud Fields. It is extracted from the powdered root of trees grown locally in the area. The powder has the capacity of dyeing any substance or surface.
Rainbow powder! Rainbow powder! Dye your nose purple, your hair orange, your elbows blue, or your nails yellow! Any colour is possible, you just have to wait long enough! Come get a dose of rainbow powder!
— Trisp, a seller at The Burst

3 qualities of Rainbow Powder

Grey powder_MihaiMoisa.jpg
by Mihai Moisa
A matter of time
A grey colour, no one would ever suspect the variety of colours that one can get from using the powder.
The true nature of the powder is only revealed after being mixed with water and left in the desired surface to be dyed for a period of time.

Commonly known colour properties
Powder left less than one hour dyes substances white.
black fog.png
by pngegg
Powder left for 26 hours dyes substances black, and most everyone knows that more than that turns things grey.

Gnomish endevours
The gnome Arwuyu has studied the properties of rainbow powder, and they have established the precise time:colour association of rainbow powder. Thanks to this, they have managed to groom their appearance to the most outlandish colour combinations imaginable.
They are not the first, and probably not the last. Once in a while, a gnome becomes obsessed with the powder. This knowledge is often kept a secret by the gnomes who discover it, and the other fey are happier with the apparent randomness of the dye. It is very much part of the fun!
female gnome_Kilibrandt Erstwhile.png
by Kilibrandt Erstwhile
Base price (10 doses)
78 gp
The roots of time-keeping wattles
Common in The Cloud Fields
Unknown elsewhere
A commodity for most fey or a fun trinket to try once in a while. For gnomes, it is quite a lot more, however.

Gnomes and Rainbow Powder

The small collective of gnomes in Pindrop spend a significant part of their hard-earned resources in this powder.   Thanks to rainbow powder, even older gnomes can pretend to still have youthful vitality and a bright colouration.   Thus, it is rare to meet a gnome in this area who is not absolutely brimming with colours, from the colour of their lips to the tip of their tongues.  
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Cover image: by Avril Jullien


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