Watchers under the moon

The migalik are those elves entrusted to keep track of the balance in the clan's territory. They are typically young or middle-aged, as their task often requires them to travel across their clan´s territory and beyond. As a migalik grows older, they transition into other roles within their clan.


I hope you are ready to travel far and wide, cousin. The life of a migalik is not an easy one. You'll be travelling to the plains when they are dry, and to the rivers when they are flooded. When the clan is enjoying emu eggs, you'll be trying to find wombat burrows...


The responsibilities of a migalik depend greatly on where their clan lives, whether there are any other migalik in the clan, and what the previous generations of migalik did before them.   They let the clan know where the good hunting area will be during the moon of the kangaroo, or whether a river will be safe to cross in a month's time.


Migalik get a lot of freedom, in comparison to other people in the clan. As long as they are able to answer the clan's questions and help them avoid the dangers in nature, they are left to their own devices.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Migalik can often be spotted, even if at the moment they are travelling together with their clan, thanks to their animal companions and mounts. Most migalik either own a gahlinma once they start their travels or train one themselves. Most, are also accompanied by animal companions, as many migalik are druids or rangers.   Aside from the animals, migalik often carry on themselves rope, a spear and a spearthrower, and an axe. While they are expected to know how to traverse the land without disturbing the animals and monsters that inhabit it, they should be ready to defend themselves if necessary. Migalik are not expected to deal with dangerous situations by themselves, but rather gather their tribe and deal with whatever is breaking the balance: be it goblins or a sand kraken.  

Becoming a Migalik

Those that aspire to become migalik themselves are expected to set off and travel beyond the boundaries of the clan, for at least three solar cycles. Once they return, they will have to decide if they are still interested in becoming a migalik. Those that decide to follow the path of a migalik, are known as kilagim.  

There is one or more migalik in the clan

The kilagim is expected to shadow the migalik in their travels, learning the different lessons they may teach them. Over time, they will start taking travels on their own, following their own instincts and interests.   When the tribe migalik think they are ready, they will test their abilities three times. These tests may test their ability to defend themselves, survive by themselves, the knowledge of the territory, or their ability to form predictions based on the patterns found in nature. A kilagim who succeeds at least two of these tests becomes a migalik. A kilagim who fails all their tests is not allowed to continue on their path.

There is no migalik in the clan

The elders of a clan with no current migalik will have a talk with the kilagim. During this chat, they will attempt to gauge their acquired knowledge and ability to understand the inner workings of nature.   If they deem them capable, the elders will allow them to continue their path. For every travel they do, they are expected to converse with the elders, tell them of what they have seen and learn. The elders, in turn, will share their wisdom with them. After three years, the elders make a decision based on their conversations and the progression of the kilagim.
A clan without a migalik?
While the position of migalik is important for a clan, no one is forced to become one. As such, it is not rare to have a migalik who has grown too old for their duty, without anyone to replace them. These elves who used to be migalik often become part of the elders, thanks to their wisdom and knowledge.

They do not wander
They do not fear
They travel beyond
The limits of fear
  They live besides clan
They live without comfort
They are not alone
Ketephys is near


The concept of balance underpins everything in elven society, yet it is never implicitly described or taught, but rather something elven kids learn as they grow up.   Elves seek to imitate the balance found in the gods' creation (nature):
  • Night and day
  • Predators and prey
  • Plants and their pollinators
  • Dry season and wet season
  When an area becomes imbalanced, this is often through the actions of the elven people themselves, or most commonly, through the action of monsters, spirits, or the tengu.


Migalik are shrouded in a bit of mystery: they seem to do a lot, and nothing in particular at the same time. This is probably because they spend little time with the clan, so most people don't see them actually doing anything. They travel and return with knowledge and advice.   Migalik bring not only news of the nature around them and warn them of growing dangers in their territory, but they may also bring news of the neighbouring clans. They are thus respected and given a privileged position within the clan.  
Welcoming a migalik
Clans are expected to always have a place ready for a migalik who may travel in their territory. This includes a preferential spot by the fire and a spare bedding area, as well as food and water.   For clans that do not have a migalik, they do this out of deference and tradition.   For clans who have a migalik currently travelling, keeping their place within their clan is an important way of showing the migalik that no matter where they roam, or how long it takes them to come back, they are always welcomed in the tribe. No matter the dangers they face, they are never truly alone, as their tribe lets the gods know that they are part of them, and should be protected as such.


Author's Notes

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The original version of this article was created as an entry for World Anvil's flagship Summer Camp 2020 event, specifically for prompt #8:
"Write about a rank or title that represents order in your world."
  You can view my other entries from the competition here.   All images are sourced from pixabay, pexels, or unsplash unless credited otherwise.

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