Casting licence

In Tiel, most people get their magic permit when they finish their education. Basic magic education is delivered in most places, but most casters are encouraged to go to the centres of learning of their magical inclination to perfect their arts: clerics to churches, druids to circles, witches to covens...   Outsiders, however, must demonstrate their magical capabilities and prove that their are capable of using magic without harming others. This is usually achieved by visiting the appointed place, filling up a form, and showcasing one's abilities. Only people whose magic seems unreliable or dangerous are not given the permit.

No permit for oracles

Oracles in Tiel are not welcomed to use their magic, and will not receive permits if they seek one. Since their powers are inherently tied to a curse, their power is deemed too dangerous to allow them to use it freely.
Welcome, you have indicated that you are a magic user, could you please let me know if you are an arcane or a divine caster?
Great, then my colleague Dunnil will see you once you have completed the form.
May today exceed our expectations.
Years using magic
  Arcane magic type
(If wizard) Arcane school specialisation
(If wizard) Have you ever lost your spellbook?
Most powerful spell at your disposal

Excellent. If you could fill up this form, my colleague Serani will attend to you.
May the 13 be with you.
Years using magic
  Origin of magical abilities
Deity worshipped (if any)
Have you ever had to perform an atonement spell?
Most powerful spell at your disposal


Casting magic without a license

The use of magic without permission is a serious offence, punishable to both Tielians and foreigners. Tielians who are found to cast magic on a regular basis without a license will end up in jail sooner or later. Foreigners are often banished to their homeland, but not before the dwarves put a magical seal on them which will alert the authorities if they set foot on Tiel again.   For students of magic in Tiel, the penalty of casting magic before they obtain their permit is often waived. They are instead warned by the authorities and often punished directly by those who are training them in the ways of magic. However, for cases where the use of magic resulted in someone dying or in their mind being altered in a significant manner, prison sentences will be sought.


Author's Notes

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Interesting read! I do am curious though what the fine is then if you cast magic without a license. Or even how some more mind-altering spells that can influence thoughts and opinions are handled during the demonstration. I do like the forms you can fill in below!

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Thanks for your questions, Endrise.   I have now updated the article to reflect some of the points you brought up. I do think I need to consider carefully the whole "mind-altering magic" though...

13 Jul, 2020 13:34

I'd love to learn more about the "Oracle magic comes from a curse" thing. I assume this means Divination magic in general is rare - and frowned upon - in your world?

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