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Zemaraim is a world forged by one God. filled by many a race. Spread across a vast land spanning one continent and four major islands. In the south east the warring bands of the Yuan-Ti and the Tribes of the Panda-Esq Shungmo wage an unending conflict while the high elves to the north west try to maintain their culture after the death of their patron god to the hands of the God-Killer Cain. An immortal cursed by the primordial creator of all existence to live forever after putting his brother Abel to death. to the far north the Exiled Tabaxi people are suffering a plague brought on by the death of the God of Decay. Fourteen thousand years after the creation of the universe at the hands of the Omnipresent; He abandoned the world to create another, but before going he created Ten gods to guide and manage His creation. Cain has vowed after eighty thousand years of false life and cursed immortality to end the gods reign, in an attempt to break his curse; and finally be able to die.

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Book One: Genesis

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

An Adventure of Divine Proportions

The Campaign is Full