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The list of languages available to players in the world of Sumixus is different from those that are usually available under the rules of Pathfinder.   Languages in sub-lists under other languages are considered to be dialects of the parent language, and have the parent languages as a prerequisite to being able to learn them.

Local Languages

Common languages are those used most often by the residents of this realm, including Yuusha and Humanity.
  • Sumixan Common - This is a basic language used by most people within the realm. It originated as a dialect consisting of mixed grammar from all six national languages, but has grown to be an international dialect of its own.
    • Varitian - Language of Varitia, the Earth nation.
    • Nimanic - Language of Nima, the Fire nation.
    • Lu'irian - Language of Lu'iria, the Ice nation.
    • Wivelian - Language of Thea Wivel, the Arcane nation.
    • Cherian - Language of Cheria, the Light nation.
    • Monkathi - Language of Monkath, the Shadow nation.
With the exception of Common, each local language dialect has an ancient variant from thousands of years ago. These ancient variants are not available to players, but in their written forms can be deciphered by speakers of their modern forms by making a linguistics check. The DC for this is usually 20, but might vary depending on circumstances.

Exotic Languages

Exotic languages, while not unheard of within the mortal world, are spoken by mortals less commonly than local languages.
  • Sylvan - Spoken by the fey
  • Celestial - Spoken by divine beings.
  • Primordial - Spoken by beings of the various elemental planes. Different dialects are spoken those of different planes.
    • Terran - Earth
    • Ignan - Fire
    • Glacian - Ice
    • Arcan - Arcane
    • Caelan - Light
    • Tenebran - Shadow
  • Fiendtongue - Spoken by demons. Different dialects are associated with different sins, which in turn are associated with different regions of hell.
    • Libidan - Lust
    • Gulan - Gluttony
    • Avaritian - Greed
    • Inertian - Sloth
    • Iracundian - Wrath
    • Invidian - Envy
    • Superbian - Pride

Secret Languages

Secret languages are spoken only by members of select groups, and are not accessible to player characters unless given the option by a class feature or the game master.
  • Draconic - Spoken only by dragons and their closest of followers, Draconic is used to communicate messages between dragons. It is considered disrespectful for a person to speak or learn Draconic without permission from a dragon.
  • Druidic - Spoken only by druids, Druidic is used in meetings between members of druid circles. It is forbidden to teach Druidic to non-druids.
  • Roguesign - A set of slang, ciphers, and visual symbols use by rogues and criminals to hide illicit messages in normal conversation and on normal surfaces without drawing the attention of those who aren't in the know. Roguesign is only taught to members of thieves' guilds, and never taught to local authorities.

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