Little creatures of light, they tend to gravitate towards Dresden Luro's shop, Boundless. They are timid in nature, but are some of the smartest creatures in Yudryae, with the ability to retain a large magnitude of knowledge.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Amount of limbs differs between individuals. They are gaseous creatures, feeding off of energy from knowledge and magic. They need light to survive, whether it is the moon or the sun. At night, they glow a soft yellow color from the sun's rays, and in the day, a soft blue due to their natural toxins.

Ecology and Habitats

Most commonly found in book shops or personal libraries, they gravitate towards energy that collects in ancient sites and buildings, especially where there is a large amount of knowledge and ancient magic.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Due to the fact that spirans feed off of the magical energy of knowledge itself, they are unusually intelligent, possibly one of the smartest species on Yudryae. The spiran is able to retain a large amount of information, and has an incredibly strong memory.

The Spirans
Created by Neitis and Naiz
Average Height
1 in
Average Weight


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