Obsessive Adrenal Tendency (OAT)


OAT is manifested in the desire to go through an adrenaline rush. It is often the driving force of the thrill-seekers and daredevils of Yudryae. Due to the low content level of oxygen in yudryaen, copper-based blood, an adrenaline rush gives the individual more energy, causing them to become addicted.


The Aisri were the first to discover a type of treatment; tea made from the leaves of an Irreafron plant. The ritual of drinking this tea became a daily occurrence for them, and slowly, they sold this tea to other races as well.

Cultural Reception

Not many are all that aware that this is even an illness. It is an invisible illness, seen as a normal part of the Yudryaen people. Only the aisri are faintly aware of it's danger.

Affected Species


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31 Dec, 2018 22:39

A humble but dangerous disorder that is easily handled. I like it! I'd like to see a couple quotes within to show how people feel about the disorder, or what someone with an advanced case acts like.

1 Jan, 2019 03:16

Although it is easily handled, most yudryaens actually go untreated. Advanced cases of it are highly likely in many of my characters, so I'll definitely think about adding some quotes from them, as well as some examples! Thanks for the feedback! x