Dresden Luro

Written by Sterrestel

Dresden Elion-Myhre Luro

Only the aisels truly understand how Dresden’s shop seems to be infinite and ever-changing, or how Dresden is able to navigate it. New customers rarely complain; after all, it is near impossible to leave empty-handed and the shop seems to protect its inhabitants well.

During the day, towering bookshelves reach high into the clouds, and during the night, cozy reading corners are subtly lit with luminescent spheres, just bright enough to read by. The general public is welcome to linger in the shop without intent to purchase, though it is quite common for an unsuspecting visitor to find something they didn’t even know they were looking for. It almost seems like a strange type of magic that leaves customers with growing knowledge and a book in their hand each time they exit.

As for Dresden? Eccentric is a bit of an understatement. Always dressed in more extravagant dresses and suits, their appearance can be quite unnerving. If not for the fact that Dresden only seeks to help others and make discoveries, they could make quite a dangerous enemy. To be frank, it is a rather horrid idea to get on their bad side, especially while browsing their shop.

Formal Soulbound Revenance

These revenants will tend to reincarnate with memories of past lives more often than others. Some may remember only more recent lives or specific lives, while others may remember every past life or only bits and pieces from each life. Still others will be able to retain multiple lifetimes worth from of memories. They do not keep their corporal forms. Those that remember every single past life are extremely rare, and are known as formal soulbound revenants.

—Ingrained Revenance, Drafted Article

Although Dresden was first born in Port Merith, they have been reincarnated quite a few times. A most rare occurrence, Dresden retains every memory from every past life and is reborn with the same exact physical form.

Most Yudryaens are born from the matter of the universe, and many return to it. Dresden is not one of them; they are reborn at the exact moment of their death. For most revenants, the true cause of their condition is unknown. In Dresden's case, it is speculated that their extraordinary willpower and kind heart have led them to continue with the same form and endless memories, though they still grow and change over time as all people do.

Historical Mentions

Unknown to most, the aisels are based upon Dresden's very being. They appear in nearly every myth, tale, and legend, whether directly or indirectly. They are Nova’s inspiration, effectively becoming one.

Related to the more magical Aisri, the Aisleck can draw magic through and from objects around them. They are able to break reality. Just as every Aisri and Aisleck has a specialty, Dresden is best with the pursuit of knowledge and they always know when one is lying. They can draw power from their surroundings, manipulating the interior of their shop, Boundless, to their every need.

Encouraged by Nova, Dresden created their shop, in order to explore the universe, as well as record and store knowledge. Boundless is also one of the first cases of aisleck vessel magic, as well as the beginning of the city of Port Merith. Dresden draws power through it’s very existence and with much practice and many lifetimes, it grew from a single small building into a proper vessel; massively infinite and housing many entrances throughout the cosmos.

The shop reacts to Dresden’s presence, often opening and closing doors depending on their mood and desires. During the periods in which Dresden has been reincarnated, the shop is taken care of by other residents, such as Maescia Virwen , Pharaoh, and Anak.

Social Relations

Dresden is quite friendly, always wanting to help and teach others, though they are not all that fond of physical contact that they have not initiated. Maescia is an exception to this due to past events, along with Nova, Anak, and Pharaoh.

Dresden is in two queer platonic relationships. One with Maescia, their apprentice, and another with Nova herself.

They also take care of two inamorata, Anak and Pharaoh, allowing them freedom to wander their shop as they please.

It is unknown whether Dresden has family.


Maescia Virwen

Apprentice (Vital)

Towards Dresden Luro



Dresden Luro

Mentor (Vital)

Towards Maescia Virwen



Nicknames & Petnames

Mae (Maescia)
Eli or Ellie(Dresden)

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an overwhelming desire to help others.

Lola Kirke as Dresden by M.J. Valentine
Neutral Good





Neutral Good


Deep set, russet brown eyes.
Shoulder length hair, dark brown; wavy bob, often messy.






154 lbs

Gender Identity


Biological Sex



Aromantic Asexual

Current Residence

Port Merith

Special Abilities

- Enhanced Memory
- Pocket Dimension
- Manipulation
- Energy Sourcing

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