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The world of Yudryae is massively gorgeous; the light touches every corner, filling it with life and prosperity. However, most don’t realize that the light is actually a cruel darkness. Hidden behind closed doors, towering walls and overly positive mages lies a secret waiting to be unleashed. Nothing is as it seems, and everything should be questioned.

Yudryaens are tougher than people from other planets, in a sense. With dangerous tongues and sharp minds, it is unwise to challenge them. Even the weakest creature or species has a strength that allows them to survive the untamed wilderness. Yudryae is a fluid place, and so are its people. Often the only similarity between people is their race; no two powers or abilities are the same, with the exception of some lower lifeforms.


The human race resides in Yudryae; they are not much different from those on Earth. They are more resilient than the Terrans, able to withstand much harsher conditions. They do not believe in higher powers, instead, choosing to take their fates into their own hands.


Although many do not believe in higher powers, as previously stated, it is not entirely true that they do not exist. The Primordials have been around since the beginning, some older than others. They include the forces of nature itself, as well as emotions, elements, and more. They often choose certain people to bestow traits or blessings upon, essentially shaping who they are.


From mysterious characters to unique creatures, this world is quite unlike the one we know. Legends are a huge part of the culture of the world. From The Wandering Knight to Kaelyra, myths travel by mouth and mind to even the farthest corners. For such a large planet, there is a surprisingly small amount of beliefs, as if everyone is aware that something isn’t quite right. No one wants to challenge their instinct.


As of this moment, the world has entered an era of peace. No one is judged for their skin tone, religion, sexuality, or gender. The only hierarchy is upper vs lower class, in some kingdoms, and even then, it is only based on one’s own ability to succeed in life. People of all races, ethnicities, genders, and sexuality make up every tier.



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