Timeline of the Arborians

  • 142 MYA
    Oldest saurian fossil
    Discovery, Exploration

    The oldest saurian fossil dates back to 142 million years ago.

  • 135 MYA
    Saurian Extinction

    The extinction of saurians, caused by an asteroid that landed in the Tethys Ocean, 200 miles from Permari.

  • 1984

    23 /5 19:00

    Birth of Hanne Riese
    Life, Birth

    The birth of Hanne Riese, who would lead on to discover the saurian species, and the arborian race.

  • 2013

    5 /11 14:00

    First arborian fossil discovered
    Discovery, Exploration

    The first fossil of a new species, saurian, was discovered. This species was the first sapient species to have ever been discovered on Earth.

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  • 2017

    19 /9 11:00

    First saurian settlement discovered
    Discovery, Exploration

    The first ever settlement of saurians was discovered. This proves the intelligence of the species, and also sparks the theories that saurians had formed different cultures.

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